blue tea

The Blue Tea production now started in Assam by veteran tea connoisseur Ranjit Baruah under the brand name Aromica Tea.

The blue tea is made with the perfect blend of the finest quality “Butterfly Pea” flower which provides plenty of health benefits, which includes weight loss, helps reduce anxiety and stress, enhances your mood, tones skin and makes you feel young as it contains anti-aging properties. It also helps in regulating blood sugar level.

Aromica tea inherits 20 years of experience in tea plantation and manufacture accumulated by founder Mr. Ranjit Baruah, a tea planter by profession.

“We source our green teas from different Organic tea gardens in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh supporting the local producers to get a good value and a steady market for their produce. Infusing our long experience in tea and blended under expert eyes, our teas are handcrafted with passion and love to provide you the perfect blend of Green Tea rich in aroma, flavour and taste,” said Ranjit Baruah.

“We have also introduced Blooming Green tea for the first time in the region. Experience the exotic floral display and enjoy the aroma and fragrance of the Blooming green tea.” Mr Baruah added.



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