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IMPHAL | Feb 26

Civil engineering candidates staged a walk out from their examination centres in the middle of an ongoing examination over allegations of question leakage today.

Chairman of Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC), Konsam Himalaya Singh said there is no chance of question leakage for the said examination. If such incident happens then immediate action will be taken against the culprits, he said.

During the entrance examination for recruiting civil engineering posts, candidates at two examination centres i.e. MPSC centre and D.M. University walked out from the examination hall as they suspected that questions have been leaked.

Speaking to media, one of the candidates at MPSC centre said the candidates have to appear two written examinations, paper I and II. During the first hour of the examination, candidates found that some questions which should be a part of paper II was found included in the today’s examination which is paper I.

After they raised complaints to the examination authority, question papers were changed through the invigilators. The new question papers were also appeared to be made of informal quality. Questions which needed a calculator were also found included, though the candidates are instructed not to use calculators, candidate claimed.

Following these reasons, they walk out from the examination hall and demanded for rescheduling the whole MPSC examination, the candidate added.

On the other hand, Konsam Himalaya Singh stated that the said examination for civil engineering will be postponed in regard to the situation. He also clarified that there is no any means of question leakage as there are strict rules and regulations of the commission. But if leakages are found, immediate necessary actions will be undertaken against the culprits, he assured.

He further said the matter was monitored by him along with the officials.

Later, the commission released a notification which states that in view of the claims of large section of the candidates for the civil engineering post, the Part-B (questions for descriptive answer) of paper I had no questions on topics which are included in the syllabus prescribed for paper II.

The full commission met immediate and decided to cancel the examination fixed for February 28. Fresh dates for holding the examination will be notified within two days.

It further stated that examination for IT and electrical engineering papers will be conducted as per scheduled.



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