Imphal, the 21st February, 2018 (DIPR): In the ongoing Seventh Session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly, the House passed a total of Rs. 23,900,451,000 as Supplementary Grants (2018-19), Rs. 1,55,000 for Excess Grants (2014-15) and Rs. 510,658,000 as Excess Grants( 2015-16).

Supplementary Grants (2018-19) of Rs. 23,900,451,000 includes demands for Rs. 14,18,93,000 for State Legislature, Rs. 4,10,00,000 for Council of Ministers, Rs. 8,99,47,000 for Secretariat, Rs. 1,14,12,000 for Land Revenue, Stamps & Registration and District Administration, Rs.300,86,12,000 for Finance Department, Rs.8,24,16,000 for Transport, Rs.143,69,25,000 for Police, Rs.146,76,77,000 for Public Works Department, Rs.1,21,85,000 for Information and Publicity, Rs. 87,76,78,000 for Education, Rs.90,67,81,000 for Medical, Health and Family Welfare Services, Rs. 149,06,62,000 for Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development, Rs.37,19,32,000 for Labour and Employment, Rs. 262,70,41,000 for Department of Tribal Affairs and Hills Development, Rs.45,33,46,000 for Consumer, Affairs, Food and Public Development, Rs. 3,93,51,000 for Co-operation, Rs. 54,44,71,000 for Agriculture, Rs. 15,32,54,000 for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary including Dairy Farming, Rs.  14,32,67,000 for Environment  and Forest, Rs. 32,07,86,000 for Community and Rural Development, Rs. 42,24,92,000 for Commerce and Industries, Rs. 149,90,38,000 for Public Health Engineering, Rs. 79,90,51,000 Power, Rs. 74,44,000 for Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department, Rs. 9,36,72,000 for Youth Affairs and Sports Department, Rs. 9,76,27,000 for Election, Rs. 2,25,28,000 for Jails, Rs. 8,84,22,000 for Home Guards, Rs. 2,11,00,000 for Rehabilitation, Rs. 3,76,33,000 for Minor Irrigation, Rs. 6,48,92,000 for Fisheries, Rs. 9,52,69,000 Panchayat, Rs. 57,23,000 for Sericulture, Rs. 239,21,33,000 for Water Resources, Rs.1,80,36,000 for Arts and Culture, Rs. 5, 04,58,000 for Horticulture and Soil Conservation, Rs. 87,35,80,000 for Social Welfare, Rs.21,78,18,000 for Tourism, Rs. 1,07,00,000 for Science and Technology, Rs. 1,72,77,68,000 for Minorities and Other Backward Classes and Scheduled  Caste Department, Rs. 1,12,97,90,000 for Relief and Disaster Management, Rs. 46,41,000 for Economics and Statistics.

Demands for Public Health Engineering amounting to Rs. 1,55,000 as Excess Grants, 2014-15 was also passed by the House.

Voting on Demand for Excess Grants (2015-16) of Rs. 51,06,58,000 includes Rs.89,33,000 for Finance, Rs. 3,53,99,000 for Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development, Rs.2,16,18,000 for Department of Tribal Affairs, Hills and Scheduled Caste Development, Rs. 2,99,15,000 for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary including Dairy Farming, Rs. 11,75,55,000 for Commerce and Industries, Rs. 79,55,000 for Panchayat, Rs.3,42,72,000 for Horticulture and Soil Conservation and Rs.25,50,11,000 for Relief and Disaster Management.(DIPR)


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