bomb found at Little flower school

IMPHAL| Apr 22

Kangleipak Communist Party-Military Council (KCP-MC) has claimed responsibility for the bomb that was found planted in front of the premises of Little Flower School.

A release signed by secretary (Information and Publicity-Military Affairs), KCP-MC, Lanchenba Meitei said that even though the outfit acknowledges that the said act will enrage or hurt the sentiments the public, it had to be committed as a vital move with regard to the contemporary conditions of society.

“Our present society is full of people without self-respect and those who are blind to one’s own faults, and bribing people for votes by various political parties in the recently conducted Parliamentary elections is one prime example,” it asserted while adding that even though the people are aware that it was an act of thievery, they happily accepted the money offered.

“There is nothing that is so wrong in planting bombs at schools in such a society but the people are ready to condemn it when they could not accept the wrong of accepting money for votes,” it continued while contending that arms have become essential to wake up the society.

While stating that the name of KCP-MC has been unwarrantedly dragged in the issue of admissions to Catholic schools run by religious missionaries, the release further clarified that the outfit was not involved in the issue of admission of 17 students. “The name of KCP-MC was misused and two leaders of the Parents Teachers Association had dragged in the outfit in connivance with another underground outfit,” it asserted adding that if these people are not ready to accept peaceful overtures, a “War of Bombs” is the only means left.

KCP-MC also questioned why planting bombs should be considered wrong when it is quite acceptable to sell voting rights for money. “This is a question that the outfit genuinely needs an answer from the public,” it said while maintaining that KCP-MC had taken careful considerations that students were not harmed by planting the bomb during the ‘study-leave’ period. “It is the first and last warning not to malign the name of the outfit,” the release added.

“On the other hand, KCP-MC has been able to identify all those who have been attempting to defame the outfit,” it said while mentioning some of them which included two leaders of the PTA, students trying to earn money in the name of admissions and some criminals amongst others. The release further warned that if those involved in maligning KCP-MC do not admit their faults and surrender themselves, then necessary actions will be taken against them.



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