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UKHRUL| Aug 21: A team from the Tangkhul Longphangs inspected the eastern and western circular road of Ukhrul Headquarter on August 20.  The team consisted of chairman of Ato Longphang, Dearson Chamroy; chairman of Zingtun Longphang, Mangang Raman and vice-chairman of Zingsho Longphang, Thotreingam Zimik.

From the documents provided by the Longphangs, it has been found that the government had allegedly sanctioned Rs. Rs.1,84,20,756 and Rs. 2,30,48,221 for Phase I and II respectively for the improvement of the Eastern and Western Circular roads (left out portions), Ukhrul. The two work orders were issued on the same date on April 12, 2018 by PWD, government of Manipur (GoM), in the name of a contractor namely, Paothan Luikham with a 24-month deadline for completion of the said work.

The repairment works of the Western Circular Road (Phase I) components include GSB, IRC grade II and III, black topping and construction of a slab culvert amounting to Rs. 21, 52, 246 along with a retaining wall amounting to Rs. 7, 82, 714, covering a distance of 2.50 km. The Eastern Circular Road (Phase II) components include GSB, IRC Grade II & III and black topping of a stretch of 3.76 km.

During a press briefing held yesterday at the office of Zingsho Longphang located inside the premises of Tangkhul Naga Long, Ukhrul, Dearson Chamroy asserted that work for ‘Improvement of eastern and western circular road (left out portion) Phase I and II’ was awarded to contractor Paothan Luikham but it is being implemented by Lakpachui Siro, who is the sub-contractor of the said work Phase I and II. “The sub-contractor had created confusion among the populace of Ukhrul by claiming the progress of the work in social media. Therefore, to clear the confusion and to ascertain the truth, the Longphangs was compelled to give a spot visit for proper inspection and rectify the issue in the interest of the public,” he explained.

Dearson Chamroy also mentioned that the inspection started from Khararphung till Dungrei Junction of the eastern circular road and from Dungrei Junction to Kharasom Junction of western circular road. “During the inspection, about 700 metres of repairing work of shingling and drainage clearance could be visible only between the stretch between St. Joseph College and Greenland and filling of the muddy road with boulders between the stretches of Ato Longphang Office to Sashim which is about 50 metres,” he said.

The chairman of Ato Longphang also mentioned that no shingling, drainage clearance and other works had been carried out in the rest of the remaining portions of Eastern Circular Road while adding an appeal to the department concerned to investigate the matter with sincerity and seriousness in the greater interest of the community.

Mangang Raman said, “We have received complaints from the public on the progress of the work. During our inspection, we have found that shingling work from St. Joseph College to Greenland in the eastern circular road had been done without using roller machines.” He also mentioned that that the boulders used for shingling is substandard while calling upon the department concerned to check the quality of the stones that were being used for shingling. “16 months have passed before the allotted time of 24 months and little progress was visible when we inspected the site,” added Mangang Raman.

Thotreingam Zimik said that the improvement of the eastern circular road of Ukhrul from Khararphung to Viewland Primary School which is a stretch of 3.76 km was in poor conditions while adding that no repairing works were being carried out in most of the distance except in the stretch between St. Joseph and Greenland.

The team also pointed out that there was no sign of visible work from Dungrei Junction to Kharasom Junction on the western circular road of Ukhrul. “Work in little patches might have been done but it was not noticeable,” they added.

The Longphangs further recommended stopping the use of boulders kept at the side of the road because of their unsuitability and added a request to the engineer to check and verify the same. They also expressed happiness over the State government for earmarking an amount of Rs. 5 Crore under Rural Infrastructures Development Fund under NABARD to complete the total circular road of Ukhrul headquarter while adding an appeal to the authority concerned to award the work to sincere contractors.

It may be mentioned here that during the last Cabinet Meeting held at Ukhrul, CM, N. Biren had assured the Tangkhul Naga Long that improvement of eastern and western circular work was in progress. However, there seems to be a stark contrast in reality with the Executive Engineer of PWD-Ukhrul, N. Sanajaoba Singh, in his letter dated July 29, 2019, has directed the contractor to expedite the progress of the work on the improvement of eastern and circular road Ukhrul (left out portion phase I & II) with the Shirui Lily Festival 2019 knocking at the door. The Executive Engineer had requested to keep the roads in tip- top condition for smooth moving of vehicles while adding that no water logging, pot holes and depression will be allowed. The primary concern now is the said improvement work of eastern circular road will be limited till Viewland Primary School only, and the remaining portion from Viewland Primary School to Dungrei Junction is likely to be left out for any repair works during Shirui Lily Festival.



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