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Manipur’s Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar Singh has appealed to the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) to withdraw its demand to disclose contents of the terms and conditions agreed on the recently concluded Indo-Naga peace talks. COCOMI had warned to hold a protest if the government failed to reveal the contents of the Indo-Naga settlement.

COCOMI is spearheading protests opposing any attempts to disintegrate Manipur’s integrity. It is an umbrella group of several civil bodies operating in Manipur.

Y Joykumar Singh said political parties of Manipur will adhere to its resolution taken recently in connection with the Naga-Peace Accord and take legitimate steps if the outcome of the final agreement of the peace deal will affect the interest of the state. Representatives of all political parties pledged to protect the integrity and oneness of the state in a meeting chaired by Manipur CM N Biren Singh.

The Deputy CM also pointed out that the representatives of all political parties had submitted a draft memorandum to the Central government before October 31, which was the deadline for the Indo-Naga talks.

During their visit to New Delhi, he recalled that the central leaders also assured that the consent of all the stakeholders will be taken before finalising the Naga-peace accord and similar assurance was also given by Amit Shah, continued Singh.

Moreover, he said, “All political parties have similar demands — public and civil bodies to safeguard territorial, political, administrative boundary of Manipur.”

Given the circumstances, he observed that continued protests would only have an adverse impact on the general public.



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