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IMPHAL | Jun 2:  “The state media should not draw conclusions from half-baked information before confirming the actual facts surrounding the crime as it may bring adverse impacts to the life of the accused person.”

Fashion designer, Robert Naorem stated during a press conference held today at his residence located at Singjamei Thokchom Leikai, Imphal West.

He said his family has been going through trauma and sorrow with the loss of his mother, Naorem (O) Rekha. And without proper evidence, some of the media houses are releasing news based on half baked information which might bring adverse impact to one’s life, he said.

It may be mentioned that Rekha, wife of Naorem Dijamani was allegedly bludgeoned to death at her residence on May 29. In connection with the incident, police arrested Dijamani as prime suspect on May 31 at about 5.30 pm.

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Dijamani was brought yesterday in front of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Imphal West who remanded him for 10 days in police custody for further examination of the case.

Mentioned may be made that the plea submitted by the investigating officer yesterday at Chief Judicial Magistrate, stated that Dijamani on examination has been making “many inconsistent statements and not been also able to justify many suspicious circumstances that could have caused the crime on that fateful day.”

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Robert further said that the suspected persons are being examined as per the law. He said media have been playing a huge role in the society but without the proper report and consent from the family, the state media are publishing the news of the incident form various angles. He appealed the media of the state not to publish such reports based on half-baked information collected from third party sources as it could ruin one’s career. In order to get a genuine report, a journalist should collect authentic information instead of relying on unknown sources, he added.

He said media need to have patience before publishing any news related with the incident as investigation is still under process. Police has been examining different suspects amongst whom Dijamani is the prime suspect. He appealed to bring justice by punishing the culprits involved during the incident.

The body will be collected tomorrow to hold last rite and other ritual ceremony, said Robert.

~Imphal Free Press


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