Methamphetamine tablets

Six lakh tablets of Methamphetamine, also known as party drugs, have been seized from four persons in a Mizoram village bordering Myanmar, an official said Thursday.

The tablets, which were being carried in a vehicle that was initially seized by village council leaders and personnel of an NGO from Sailulak village in Serchhip district on Wednesday and the four accused persons were detained by them, the official said.

“Villagers handed over the tablets and the accused persons to the state excise and narcotics department. They have been arrested,” the department’s spokesperson Peter Zohmingthanga said.

He said, the tablets, reportedly smuggled from Myanmar, were worth around Rs 15 crore in the local market at the rate of Rs 250 per tablet.

“Due to the ongoing investigation, we cannot reveal the names of the accused, who are non-tribals from outside the state,” Zohmingthanga told PTI.



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