IMPHAL | May 12

To find out the truth behind the contesting history shrouding the Kabaw Valley, Manipur Peoples’ Democratic Front (MPDF) demanded for creation of a fact finding committee to find out the historical facts.

Speaking to the media during a press meet held today at Manipur Press Club, secretary, MPDF, Sapam Shamungou, contended that both central and state government have been ignoring the issue for a long time.

“It is a fact that Kabaw Valley was once a part of Manipur as the Manipur king was compensated for the transfer of the valley to erstwhile Burma now, Myanmar”, Shamungou said while referring to the ‘agreement regarding compensation for the Kabaw Valley’ signed between the British Commissioners, major, F.J. Grant and captain, R. Boileau Pemberton and the then king of Manipur, Gambhir Singh on January 25, 1834.

As per the agreement, a monthly stipend of five hundred Sicca Rupees was granted to the Manipuri King commencing from the day on which the transfer took place, that is January 9, 1834, he added.

The MPDF secretary maintained that after the annexation of Manipur to the Indian union in 1949, former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru on March 29, 1953, gave away the Kabaw Valley to Myanmar. This was also well documented in the book ‘Kanglasha amasung Matamgi Manipur’ written by Moirangthem Irabot.

As such, Shamungou urged the government to constitute a fact finding committee and produce a clear cut documentation of whether Kabaw Valley was once a part of Manipur or not and whether it was indeed given away to Myanmar. Surely, the future generations will remorse if the present generation failed to leave behind a well chronicled history, he said.

While noting that the Indian government even waged war to claim the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and China Occupied Kashmir as Indian land, he came down heavily over the indifferent attitude of India when it comes to Manipur.

He also intimated that the organisation will soon submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister, home ministry and other related officials in view of the above stated demands.



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