new ginger species

Dimapur, Sep. 12: The Botanical Survey of India (BSI) has discovered two new ginger species in Tesen village in Peren and Hekishe village along the Jalukie road.

Dr. Nripemo Odyuo, Scientist-D and head of office at the BSI (eastern regional centre, Shillong), who was also part of the discovery, confirmed to Eastern Mirror that two new species namely the Zingiber Perenense and Zingiber Dimapurense were discovered in the month of July.

Odyuo informed that out of the two, the Zingiber Dimapurense is taller and has leafy shoots measuring up to 90-120 cm in height whereas the Zingiber Perenense does not grow beyond 70 cm.

When asked if the two new species bear any medicinal value, Odyuo informed that further analysis is needed to ascertain that. “Almost all ginger species have medicinal value, including the ginger we use in the kitchen, so proper analysis needs to be done,” said Odyuo.

He added that new species were yet to be tested to determine if they are safe for consumption. “The new species of ginger discovered will have immense horticultural importance even if it is proved not to have medicinal purposes,” he maintained.



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