UKHRUL| Aug 23: Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), the apex body of Tangkhul community held its half yearly assembly today at TNL Hall, Ukhrul. The Assembly was attended by 267 village representative from various corners of Tangkhul area along with hundreds of observers.

The Assembly commenced with a welcome speech from speaker TNL, Shangam Shipo extending warm welcome to the representatives and observers who have come all the way from different corners of Tangkhul area.

President of TNL, Hopingson A. Shimray, in his presidential address, informed the assembly that in consultation with CM N. Biren and PCCF, the TNL has agreed to take up Village Community Reserve Forest initiative under ‘Manipur Green Mission.’ “Every Tangkhul village will carve out and demarcate 5 -10 hectares of land in their respective villages for the said mission,” he said while also mentioning a prayer and fasting programme will be held on September 19 and 20.

Another outcome of today’s assembly was the approval of TNL Bond Paper- a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper by the House. The non-judicial stamp is to be used in matters related to court cases, deeds and other legal matters under the jurisdiction of Tangkhul Naga Long and its Customary Court. While another significant outcome of the assembly was the passing of the new Yanret “Regulations of Non-Nagas Entry into and Exit from Tangkhul Wungram.”

As stated by the objectives of the Yanret, the new law is meant to regulate entry of outsiders to Tangkhul areas and its purpose is to maintain peace and tranquillity and peaceful co-existence, as stated by the the objectives of the Yanret. The regulation will not be applicable to public and private sector employees and tourist (s); however, if a tourist plans to stay for more than a month, the tourist has to apply a special permission from TNL, it said.

The regulation will be strictly enforced to non-naga businessmen, labourers and house helpers. In order to check and implement the new law, TNL will issue receipt book, forms, identity card at its head office located at Ukhrul Headquarter and the four Tangkhul Longphangs will look into their respective area by opening Zonal Registration Office. For registration, the non-nagas will be required to produce documents of identity proof, verification documents from the police station of their origin and NOC from the village headman or Tang Chairman and the house owner.

It has also taken measure to regulate entries of employees in large number working for companies. In this case, in addition to the mentioned documents, they will also be required to produce a surety from their respective companies.

Temporary settlement permit will be issued to those who have registered with a validity of one year, which is to be renewed every one year. The Yanret also prohibited the sale and gift of land to non-nagas while adding that failure to comply with the Yanret will invite fine to the house owner and tenants and the tenants will be given 48 hours to move out from the Tangkhul area. The Yanret will be applicable in all Tangkhul areas.


PC: Tennoson Pheiray


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