shimreishang and maitonphi

IFP Correspondent | UKHRUL | A novel based on the true love story of Shimreishang Zimikwo and Maitonphi Longleng of Phungcham titled “Shimreishang Eina Maitonphi Leishat Khararchan” written in Tangkhul was released Tuesday at Longkhan, Phungcham – the rendezvous place of Ashang and Aton.

The book, written by Kapangsing Horam of Phungcham village, was released by Ngamsung Hashuwo, Chairman Education Board ADC-Ukhrul, in the presence of Paothing Vashum and Edmund Chiphang, Executive Members of ADC-Ukhrul.

Hashuwo, in his speech, stated that this unique love story of Shimreishang Zimikwo and Maitonphi Longleng of Phungcham is known by one and all among the Tangkhuls and other tribes. He stated that this book is an important addition to Tangkhul literature. He promised to extend all possible financial help to the author in translating the novel in English.

Chiphang also inaugurated the spring pond constructed at the Shimreishang and Maitonphi Park at Longkhan of Phungcham Village.

“May everyone visiting this historic site quenches their thirst drinking from this pond and may they used it properly” Chiphang said in his inaugural speech. He added that inspite of the limited funds, the ADC members have been implementing developmental works in their respective constituencies.

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Vashum said that Phungcham has a unique history, it is considered as one of the oldest villages in Tangkhul. He lauded the Yangreiram Beautification Society (YBS) for taking the initiative to preserve the rich heritage.

Convenor of YBS, Rathing Horam informed that the spring pond was constructed with financial assistance from Paothing Vashum. He added that Vashum has donated Rs. 1 lakh for the said construction. In honour of the two legendary lovers, YBS has erected a statue of Shimreishang and Maitonphi and a park has been set up in the lovers name at Longkhan.

The scenic beauty associated with the story has attracted lots of visitors and the place has become a hot destination for picnic goers and adventure lovers. Along with the increase in numbers of visitors, there was also an urgent need for supply of drinking water and hence this construction, stated Rathing Horam.

Shimreishang Zimik and Maitonphi Longleng were deeply in love. However, they were forbidden to marry owing to their different social status. Shimreishang belonged to a royal family whereas Maitonphi was from an ordinary family. Due to this difference in social status, Maitonphi was secretly married off to Pansa of Halang village in haste. They continued to meet even after Aton’s marriage. But since they could not break the fetters of the prevailing custom, they could not marry. Maitonphi died of illness and Shimreishang was heartbroken. He pined for his early death so that he can be with Maitonphi at “Kazeiram” (Hades).  He died soon after. The families of two lovers, to assuage their sorrow, they had a Shaman performed rituals to their life at Hades. They were told by the Shaman that they were married and happily living in the land of Hades.

To this day, their love story is told again and again. It has inspired many writers and musicians. Their love story is incorporated in school syllabus and depicted in movies and songs. The first novel on Shimreishang and Maitonphi was written by PR Yangkahao of Phungcham in 1977.



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