Dimapur, Nov. 16 (EMN): Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) party has accused ‘ministers and advisors in charge, starting from the chief minister’s office’ of collecting ‘huge percentage’ from contractors and their departments concerned ‘wherever normal flow of central schemes are available’.

The allegation was contained in a press release issued by the party on Saturday.

“Further, to add to the sorry state of affairs under the PDA, the unceasing release of additional funds in the name of improvement of roads and other reasons, which only benefit a select few people who have close affinity to the CM or ministers, will sooner than later bring about an emergency-like situation in the economic state,” read the statement.

The NPF “recommended” the governor or the High Court to “take up sou moto cases in this regard”. “The state Lokayukta may also take up the mantle of investigating and not just be an agent of the government and enjoy the perks for being a mute spectator to the rampant corruption taking place,” it read.

The party stated that the “tall promises of the NDPP-led PDA government of good roads” appear to be reversing “as we see the worsening road condition all over the state and particularly the highway between Kohima and Dimapur is at a very hazardous condition”.

It claimed that the NPF legislature party had written, in the past, to the chief minister as well as the managing director of NHIDCL, appealing them to look into the matter of maintaining the existing road.

“However, the appeal fell on deaf ears and now the High Court has taken up a sou moto case against the delay of work and poor condition of the road. What is the role of the state government if it is not to give good governance to the people of the state? Having the court take up sou moto cases when there is a government installed in the state is a case of deep anguish and most pitiable. What is state government’s excuse to this?” it asked.

Also, the NPF claimed that the only airport in Dimapur has been taken over by the IAF and the state chopper service, which is operated by the Nagaland State Transport department, was halted for days “without any intimation to the commuters”.

It went on to claim that since the state government “is more or less inactive and in deep slumber to the things happening in the state regarding the law and order situation”, the governor has now taken the mantle of governing and taking care of law and order situations in the state.

“The NPF party is aware of the many important centrally-sponsored road projects which are implemented below specifications and yet bills are cleared owing to political pressure. Before the state deficit is driven down to a situation where there would be nothing much to be done to help it, a remedial step should be taken up by the governor or the High Court.

“The bottom line is that the chief minister and his cabinet colleague should resign on moral grounds as rampant misgovernance is taking place and they have lost all moral authority to continue in office,” read the statement.



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