Dimapur, May 9 (EMN): The “Ao national workers” of NSCN (IM) have censured the “despicable statement” reportedly made by minister Temjen Imna Along—that, “Nagas are Indians; and Nagas are proud to be a part of this great country.”

A press statement from the Ao national workers” of NSCN (IM) on Thursday termed the reported statement as a disservice to the Naga people and a sell-out of Naga historical and political identity.

It stated that Along has made a mockery of the Naga political struggle. “The government of India also have (sic) taken cognisance of the unique history and situation of the Nagas that eventually led to the signing of the historic August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement. This agreement recognised the sovereign right of the Naga people.

“Was Mr. Along not aware of the stand taken by all the political parties in Nagaland through their manifesto to stand for Naga political solution that is honourable and acceptable? What is he trying to show with his misleading statement? But for us—Ao national workers—Mr. Along’s statement is obnoxious as it brings shame to us in particular, and to all the Nagas in general.”

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How can he, it asked, forget the inhuman treatment Nagas went through at the hands of the Indian army?

“Human groupings, killings, tortures, rapes and arson etc., are all what the Nagas met at the hands of the Indian army. We cannot tolerate such a person who wants to forget all this just because he wants to please his political master at the cost of Nagas who have given blood to defend their sovereign right,” the statement read.

According to the statement, it would “be nothing less than damnation” for Along if he prefers to “treat the lotus flag of BJP above the rainbow flag of the Nagas.”

“Mr. Along is given the privilege to clarify his stand to the satisfaction of the Nagas who value their national identity as Nagas. He must clarify under what context he made the statement,” it stated.



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