IMPHAL | Aug 28: The NSCN-R has stated that it will neither condone nor encourages crime or criminals, while expressing that the organisation along with every other Nagas, deeply regrets the incident of August 16 in which one precious life was taken away.

“Our heart also goes out to the aggrieved family members,” said a release issued by ministry of information and publicity.  Nevertheless, the NSCN- R as made in its earlier stance, that it will take action upon any NSCN – R members, irrespective of ‘Rank, Files or Status’ but as according to the ‘National Ahza’ and ‘Party Discipline’, the NSCN (R) through the directive of the president called for an emergency joint council meeting on August 28, it said.

In the meeting, the House found that the members namely, defence kilonser cum UT1 supervisor, Khekato Kinny and deputy kilonser, Chungshi Longkumer have been involved, it further said.

Hence, through the unanimous decision of the House, the office of the president, terminates (with immediate effect) the above mentioned erring officials, so as to let the Law take its own course and to facilitate a ‘Free and Fair’ trail, it stated.

“Whereas, the other three boys (one Tali, Nungsang and Vishiho) are not our boys, hence the NSCN-R cannot decide upon them but it is up to the prerogative of the law enforcing agency(s) and competent authorities, to enforce action on them,” it added.



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