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IMPHAL | Feb 16

A one day sit-in-protest was staged today at Catholic School, Canchipur while students of the school including faculty members marched a rally demanding that education should be allowed in a free atmosphere.

The protest was jointly organised by students, teachers, parents, local-guardians and CSC students transport welfare union under the banner ‘nourish and nurture us, give us the freedom to learn’.

It may be mentioned that the proscribed Kangleipak Communist Party, People’s War Group (Marxist Centre) had planted an IED at the southern gate of the school on February 14. A release from the organisation said that the school authority have ignored the statements served by the group and tried to portray the organisation into a negative light. They must immediately put a stop their ways of making polices by going hand in hand with some stooges and attempting to a put a wedge between the organisation and the general public, it stated.

The protestors marched a rally against the incident starting from school and returned to the school from Kakwa Bazar. After the rally students, parents, including others staged sit-in-protest at the school gate. Students hold the protest by holding placards which ‘make education our future’, ‘give us permission to educate our children’ and others.

Meanwhile, Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) has called the incident of planting a bomb at school as truly unfortunate and said this puts a stumbling block on progress of society.

Every year, during time of admission at Catholic Schools, such disputes have been occurring constantly between the school authorities and some insurgent groups, it said. While alleging that the members of Catholic School Society have never attempted to take initiative for brining a permanent solution to the usual problem and putting the career of many students at risks, the release further stated that making short term solutions for these issues will never work.  As for the prevailing issue, the Catholic School Society must publicly clarify regarding these allegations raised by the insurgent groups by bringing out the truth of the matter, failing which the organisation may take agitations against the Catholic schools and make them leave Manipur, it stated.

On the other hand, insurgent groups must not terrorise the students for achieving some specific goals, it said. DESAM appeals not to repeat such act of planting bombs at schools and Catholic School Society must not sideline the matter, it added.



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