Dimapur, Nov. 13 (EMN): The Rengma Hoho has iterated its stand on demand for a new Tseminyu district and has appealed to the state government to consider it at the earliest.

The Hoho reaffirmed its stand during its general session held at its headquarters in Tseminyu on November 9, informed a statement issued by the organisation on Wednesday.

Stating that ‘Tseminyu to become a district is long overdue and the state government should consider the demand respecting our rights’, the Hoho also ‘felt the Rengmas were neglected since the inception of the statehood and has been sidelined from all reforms — administratively, economically’ and that they have been “hit by injustice in every successive government”.

“Rengmas were left behind others in all fronts due to the negative attitude of the state government towards the Rengma community. The Rengma Hoho reminds the government that whatever status of the Nagas is today and all fruition of development enjoying by the citizens, Rengmas have its contribution in it. The statehood was granted through political agreement and Rengmas’ active participation on all stages of Naga political movement and development which enabled for the statehood cannot be ignored,” read the statement.

“Rengmas should be given equal respect like any other tribe and should be allowed to grow and develop on the same foot of others. Nagas cannot grow sensibly until and unless justice is delivered equally for a comprehensive growth for a vibrant society,” it added.

The Hoho stated its demand for a Tseminyu district is their legitimate right and expressed hope that the PDA government under the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphio Rio will grant their demand “without further delay.”

‘More than 50 years of negligence to the Rengmas is too long enough and if Rengmas were to be discriminated further’ there is no greater injustice than this. We appeal to the state government for sincere consideration of our demand for Tseminyu district,’ it stated while requesting the MLAs from all political parties to support its demand.



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