IMPHAL | Feb 3: The rescue of Nepalese trafficked victims at Moreh and Imphal so far has proven that Manipur is becoming the most convenient “Transit State” in the South East Asian region, the “Asian Highway No. 1” is the route used for carrying out cross border human trafficking activities.

Addressing scribes in a press meet held at Manipur Press Club, Montu Ahanthem convener of Manipur Alliance for Child Rights (MACR) expressed his appreciation and extended gratitude to Manipur Police, Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU), social welfare department and NGO’s, who took various roles and made the crackdown operation against a big human trafficking racket a success.

The recent racket succeeded in rescue of 176  (number may increase even as operation still continues) Nepalese Women so far, while FIR has been lodged against five persons suspected to be trafficked (3 at Moreh Police Station and 2 at City Police).

Within a day, i.e on February 1, 2019 (morning to late night), altogether 105 people have been rescued and apprehended and it was unprecedented and historic.

The main reasons behind the successful operation is that the Manipur police and AHTU are trained in highly sensitive human trafficking, could establish closed linkage, rapport with social welfare department, MCPCR, NGOs, specially Manipur Alliance for Child Rights (MACR), Child-line, Child Welfare Committee, DCPU’s, NGOs running Ujawalah Homes in conducting urgent anti human trafficking operation.

“It is really a matter of pride for every one of us in the State and this experience is truly exceptional across the country” he reiterated.

Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Right member, Keisham Pradip said that Indo-Myanmar and Indo-India cross border human trafficking should be dealt with specific standard operating procedures. Indo-Nepal Treaty for Peace and Friendship 1950 should be reviewed, as the provisions of the Treaty allows free movement of nationals of both countries in their respective territories. Facility centres manned by designated creditable NGOs must be attached to help the security personnel and police in selected Check Post like Mao, Sekmai (Imphal-Dimapur), Jiribam, Jiri Parking (Silchar-Imphal, Imphal-Jiribam), Pallel, Khudengthabi, Moreh, Moreh ICP etc. Asian highway no. 1 and Indo-Myanmar border to screen possible human trafficking movement.

He asserted that need to adopt “the state draft policy for children 2018” drafted by Child Rights and You(CRY), and MACR, recommended by MCPCR, at the earliest  stating that it will help to resolve various child rights issues including child trafficking in the state.

He further asserted the need to adopt “the draft plan of action for combating child trafficking in the state of Manipur 2018” comprising preventive approach, rescue protocols, rehabilitation of survivors, and co-ordination and convergence of all the line department, which was again drafted by CRY and MACR, recommended by MCPCR and submitted to department of social welfare Manipur.

It is also learnt regarding the accommodation for adult males who are rescued, they are having troubles as the existing shelter homes are only for minor boys, women and girls. Accommodations for the rescued males are being managed to a hotel in Imphal.

MACR Bishnupur convener, Pishak said that the present issue is to deport the rescued people to their native land and it is under consideration with experts. Nepal embassy, Prakash Ambany had been telephoned and a formal letter has been sent to hand over the rescued women by government to government. After due verification, concern authorities including Nepalese councillor from Maite, a Nepal (NGO) and director of NGO will come for deportation, he added.

Meanwhile, a team of Impulse NGOs Network, a Shillong based organisation, which alerted the news of this mass trafficking incident, arrived Imphal today to coordinate with State and other stake holders to facilitate early repatriation process. They had a meeting with Manipur Alliance for Child Rights (MACR).


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