cocoon mela

UKHRUL | Oct 11: Sericulture Department of Ukhrul organise one day “Cocoon Mela” at DRDA Training Hall, Mini Secretariat Complex, Ukhrul.

Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul, Joseph Pauline Kamson, senior scientist cum head KVK Ukhrul, Dr. Y. Ramakrishna and District Sericulture Officer, CM Paul were the dignitaries present during the programme.

Joseph Pauline Kamson in his speech lauded the silkworm farmers of Ukhrul for taking up such new farming. He stated that other regular farming consist of one harvest in a year whereas silkworm farming can be harvested 6 times in a year. “We should focus more on this kind of farming which provide employment and generate income at a faster rate”, he exhorted.

Simon Shimray of Tushar Village, who have been into this farming since 1994, informed that the silkworm farmers has been facing a lot of problems due to lackadaisical attitude of Government and concern authority.

He stated that the funds allotted to silkworm farmers are very little that they cannot meet the requirements.

Silkworm farmers from Ukhrul are facing problems of fencing the mulberry farm and they could not afford to construct silkworm rearing house for the production of more cocoon, he asserted.

The silkworm farmers also faces problems of procuring materials like net and netrica added Simon Shimray.

Another silkworm farmer, Soyao Longleng of Paorei informed that he started silkworm farming in 2015. He stated silkworm farming has not progressed as much owing to poor funding from the government and concern department.

According to information made available to this correspondent, a total of 500 farmers are there in Ukhrul District. In today’s mela, 50 farmers attended the programme and exhibition.

A total of 506 kilogran of cocoon were brought for exhibition. In the month of June, the farmers had produced 50 kilos of raw silk.

LS Wungthing of Hunphun was declared the best quality silkworm farmer and the highest silkworm producer goes to Sorei Vashum of Paorei Village with 87 kilogram.

Ukhrul produces one of the finest qaulity of silk. The raw silk is sold at Rs. 5000/- per kilogram and cocoon at Rs. 400/- per kilogram. Basil Thingshung informed that Bivoltine silk from Ukhrul is International A-Graded quality. He stated that, Ukhrul District produces the best quality of silk in Manipur and second highest producer of silk in Manipur too in terms of quantity.



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