UKHRUL| Jun 15: Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong TKS, the apex student body of Tangkhul community, observed its 87th Raising Day today.  The Tangkhul Student’s Union was founded in 1932 by the late major Bob Khathing Ralengnao who was its first president.

The ceremony which was held the office of TKS located at Ukhrul Headquarter was attended by former president of TKS, Somipam Lungleng as chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, he recollected his experience as an office bearer of the student’s union. While mentioning that he was elected as president of TKS for the1984-86 term and again re-elected for the 1986-88 term, Somipam Lungleng said, “I had the privilege to meet the founder of TKS and legend of Tangkhul community major Bob Khathing Ralengnao and various leaders who had served TKS in their capacity.”

He also mentioned the challenges faced by TKS from the Indian Security Forces during the 80s. “Militarisation was at its peak in hill areas around that time and it was only due to the absence of media that the gravity of the prevailing issues was muted,” Somipam Lungleng said.  “The role of TKS, the second oldest student body after Ao Students Conference amongst the Naga community, must be redefined and it should move forward for the people,” Somipam Lungleng continued while also stressing on the need for consolidation of the Tangkhul community. He further urged TKS to step up the momentum.

While acknowledging the contribution made by TKS for the betterment of Tangkhul community and congratulating TKS on its 87th Raising Day, vice president of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tuisem Kamkara also extended greetings to the student’s union on behalf of TNL. He also lauded the past and present leaders of TKS for their contributions towards society while also stating that TKS has served a launch platform for several individuals who have risen to become well respected and dignified leaders.

Senior advocate, Daniel Ramsan, in his speech, recollected that TKS used to command much respect in the olden days while challenging the young leaders to emulate and perform better than the past leaders. “TKS should lead us in transforming our society,” he added.

Former president of North East Students Union (NESO) and senior activist, Artax Shimray said, “We as a people must protect our land and its resources to sustain ourselves and promote our identity.”  He further stressed on the need to preserve and promote Tangkhul culture while also urging TKS to spearhead the movement for inclusion of our cultural and traditional in the school curriculum.

The raising day ceremony commenced with a key note address which was delivered by president in-charge of TKS, Shimsaphang A Shimray, which was followed by an introduction of the dignitaries on the dais by its general secretary, Hashokmi Khongreiwo.

It was attended by former MLA 44-Ukhrul, Samuel Risom; senior advocate, Daniel Ramsan; president of Tangkhul Shanao Long, Veronica Zingkhai; president of TMNL, Somatai Machinao; former president of ANSAM, Seth Shatsang along with leaders of NPMHR-Ukhrul and zonal body of TKS.  The ceremony also witnessed the attendance of former presidents of TKS, Shimthee Ruivah, Turner Raihing, Jordan Pheiray, Joel Angkang, Wungnaoshang A Shimray and Yangmi Khapai; former secretaries of TKS, Reisangpem Shaiza, RS Jollyson and Leiyolan Vashum along with several other past leaders of the student’s union.



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