UKHRUL | Oct 11: Ukhrul District Police is gearing up for the third edition of Shirui Lily Festival 2019 to be held from 16 – 19 October.

Superintendent of Police of Ukhrul District, Worngam Ningshen informed this correspondent that the Ukhrul District Police are working round the clock to ensure that the event held peacefully without any unwanted incident. “We want the event to be incident free, peaceful and a memorable one”, he said.

In this connection, the district police received additional 500 security personnel to assist and help the District police in carrying out their duties, said the SP.

Ningshen informed that there will be three main venues for the festival, namely, TNL Ground, Bakshi Ground and Shirui Village. Providing round the clock security in these three places and also the national highway from Imphal to Ukhrul road and Ukhrul to Shirui Village has been made a priority, he added.

He appealed to the general public of the district to help and assist the district police in guiding the tourists and making them at home by offering their hospitality.

The SP further informed that the Ukhrul police is also working earnestly for better parking space.

They (police personnel) are clearing up unused and available spaces for parking of vehicles especially for the festival, he added.

Traffic rules and regulations have been revised and updated along with maps, he said adding that it will be made available to the public.

There will be diversion of routes and much of the street will be one way with a maximum speed limit of 20km per hour and no overtaking, he said. “This will be strictly enforced during the festival. It is the sincere appeal to everyone from the Ukhrul police to co-operate with the rules and regulations”, he continued.

Meanwhile, the president of Tangkhul Naga Long informed this correspondent that random setting up of camping sites and entertainment activities at night will be banned during the festival.

“This decision has been taken by TNL along with the neighbouring village authorities around Ukhrul and is in consonance with the MoU signed between Tangkhul Naga Long and Government of Manipur in 2018”, said the TNL president.

The TNL president stated that they have already submitted a list of do’s and don’ts to the government of Manipur.

He asserted that just for the sake of attracting tourists, we cannot make this festival a free for all event where individual whims and fancy rule. Schools and local bodies have been requested to work diligently in creating awareness amongst the children and youths. The Tangkhul Naga Long also urged the local to give their best hospitality to the visitors.



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