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Ukhrul District is located in the north of the Manipur State and it is a hill district of the state with full of scenic beauty. District is home of colourful Tangkhul people and Tankhuls are the dominant tribe and other tribe like Kuki are also included in very low number.

Ukhrul District, the land of the colourful Tangkhuls was marked out first as a Sub-Division in 1919 during the British Raj. Then in November 1969 it was upgraded to a full-fledged district, bearing the nomenclature of Manipur East District. The area of the district was 8,200 Sq.Km. according to the CSI Publication 1976.

Later Tengnoupal District, now called Chandel District was carved out from this district on 15th July, 1983 and the area of the then Manipur East District was sliced down to 4,544 Sq.Km. and the title of the district was changed into Ukhrul District in 1983. Again Kamjong District was curved out from the District area on 8th December 2016 making present District.

The district  is bounded by Myanmar in the East, Kamjong District in the South, Kangpokpi and Senapati Districts in the West and Nagaland State in the North. The terrain of the district is hilly with a varying heights of 913 m to 3114 m (MSL). Ukhrul district HQ is linked with Imphal, the state capital, by a NH 150 with about 84 Km in length. By ordinary passenger bus, it may take about 3 hours to reach there from Imphal.

Geographical Location

The exact location of the district (including Kamjong district) in the globe is 240 N – 25.410 N and 940 E – 94.470 E. The rainy season in the district is from May to beginning of October broadly but Winter is chilly.The highest peak in the region is the Khayang peak-3114 m (MSL), though the more popularly known peak is the Shirui Kashung Peak – 2,835 m (MSL).

Altitude of Ukhrul District HQ is 2,020 m (MSL). Most of the major rivers originate from the crevices and slopes of this Shirui Peak. The terrain of the district is rippled with small ranges and striped by few rivers.

Climatic Condition

The climate of the district is of temperate nature with a minimum and maximum degrees of 3º C to 33° C. The average annual rainfall is 1,763.7 mm (1991).

Where to stay in Town – Hotels & Lodgings in Ukhrul

Hotel Tip Top

Add:Phungreitang, Ukhrul District
Phone: 9862716098

Sem Hotel

Add:Phungreitang,Ukhrul, Near Gandhi Chowk.
Phone: 9612703449

Zingran Hotel

Add: Phungreitang Ukhrul District.
Phone: 7085453325

Kopa’s Eatery & Lodging

Add: Phungreitang,Opposite ZEO office.
Phone: 8259922827

Hotel Two Brothers

Add: Phungreitang, Near Town Hall
Phone: 9612523086

Lovely Hotel

Add: Viewland Ukhrul.
Phone: 9862514274

Wung Hotel

Add: Viewland Ukhrul.

Eastern Mount Hotel

Add: West Phungreitang Ukhrul

Places to Visit in Ukhrul

Phangrei Picnic Spot

A popular picnic spot of the locals and also frequented by tourists, Phangrei is one of the picturesque tourist spot in Ukhrul. Phangrei also joints the Shirui Hills.  It is about 22 kms from the town.

Shirui Peak

The more popularly know peak is the Shirui Kashung Peak – 2835 m from the sea level. Most of the major rivers originate from the crevices and slopes of this Shirui Peak. Shirui is 18 km from Ukhrul Town and 97 km from Imphal. It is the home of world famous Shirui (Siroy) Lily (Lilium Mackliniae).

The name Shirui Lily originates from a British Botanist named F. Kingdom Ward who in 1948 discovered the uniqueness of this lily flower. The local name of the flower is Kashong Timrawon. According to local legends the Kashong Timrawon is also a protective spirit which resides on the Shirui Peak. Every year thousand of Scientists and Tourists all over the World come to see this precious flower. The ordinary looking Shirui lily blossoms on the hilltop during May – June.

Hundung Mova Cave

The Mova cave is a limestone cave which can be reached after a detour before reaching Ukhrul. It is situated near the now-defunct cement factory and Lungshang Kong/river in a small hamlet called Hungpung. The main hall of the cave can assemble over 100 odd people. Some distance from the cave is a steep solid rock mountain which is believed to be the male partner of the cave, according to the local myth

Khangkhui Mangsor Cave

The Khangkhui Cave, locally called as Khangkhui Mangsor, is essentially a natural limestone cave. Archaeologists have discovered many important artefacts, dating back to the Palaeolithic culture from this cave. The cave is about 15 km away on eastern side from Ukhrul town. The cave was used as a shelter by the local people during World War II.

Where to eat –  Cafes & Restaurants in Ukhrul

25 Degree North Restaurant

Kopa Restaurant

Food Inn

Downtown Cafe


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