Newmai News Network| Senapati | February 2: The United Naga Council (UNC) has asked the State Government of Manipur (GoM) to keep its words this time when it comes for the next round of ‘tripartite talk’ on the district creation on February 23.

In the last round of talk held on September 1, 2018, the State Government of Manipur had said that it “understands the sentiments of UNC and committed that it would come out with definite concrete plans in the next meeting”.

Talking to Newmai News Network tonight, UNC leaders have expressed their disappointment on the way the State Government of Manipur is “treating the issue”. The UNC leaders alleged that the Manipur Government is yet to fulfill its commitments till date even after several rounds of talk. “We would like to ask the Manipur Government to keep its words this time,” the UNC leaders asked.

The last round of talk was held on September 1, 2018 in Senapati District headquarters. In that round of talk, the participating parties had decided to have the next round of talk in the first week of December, 2018. However, it did not happen. On December 11, 2018, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India, issued a notice informing that the ‘next round of talk’ had been fixed for January 25, 2019, only to be further postponed it to January 28, 2019.  Again, the MHA has fixed the next round of talk for February 16, 2019. However, the United Naga Council (UNC) had requested the MHA to change the date given that the Nagas’ seed sowing festival, the Lui-Ngai-Ni, is on February 15 which is usually a mega affair. Given the hectic works and preparations of the festival and the usual post festival related work-loads, the UNC has expressed its inability for talk on February 16. Hence, the next round of talk has been fixed for February 23.

It is worth noting here that, the previous Government of Manipur had created seven new districts on December 8, 2016. In protest against that act of the Manipur Government, the UNC had imposed 139 days of economic blockade along the national highways which pass through Manipur. After the lifting of the blockade, the first round of talk was held on March 19, 2017 followed by several rounds of talk. The talk is still continuing on the issue. The UNC has been demanding that the December 8, 2016 decision of the Manipur Government should be “rolled back”.

It is also worth mentioning here that, the tripartite talks have been moderated by the Ministry of Home Affairs from day one.


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