international youth day ukhrul

International Youth Day is an awareness day designated by the UN. Its purpose is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth.

Once again Ukhrul came alive as exuberant youth of town paraded the streets in vibrant colors, drums and music to commemorate the International Youth Day 2019.

Initiated by URA TRUST, the event saw a huge turnout with young people from all walks of life partaking the march under the banner ” Transforming Education”.

The parade was flagged off by Somatai Machinao, President TMNL at Mission Ground, and thereof leading the march by the HAO RIDERS till Town Hall.

Various performances were exhibited including Street Dances, Spoken Poetry, football skills by TFPA kids, Martial Arts and choreography. A sensational performance by JC Kitt, Mansak Shanglai and Featherheads. The gathering was graced by Hon. MLA Shri Alfred Arthur who encouraged the young crowd with his speech. It is to be noted that our Hon. MLA took the trouble to join the youth in International Youth Day in 2018 as well.

With the enigmatic host Mr. Soshim Keishing along with another life of the party, Mr. Shangshang Chahongnao, the event was a grand success.

Youth is all about challenges: learn and win!

Our heartfelt gratitude to Yuimirin L.S & Mashun Zingkhai for their selfless contribution in covering today’s event in the most subtle way. Shout out to Faith Phila Awungshi and Mung Raleng for the constructive inputs and coordination which made all the difference on this colorful day! Last but not the least, to all Youth who took part in making the day a colorful Youth Day

“The Pledge”

We pledge to be a part of a movement where we can bring systemic change and support a self-improving educational and learning system. We pledge to make Ukhrul town the centre of excellence for the development of education and the well-being of students We pledge to encourage informed communication and purposeful involvement of home, school, and community We pledge to be more involved in learning and sharing knowledge to achieve greater accountability as a youth of the community.

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