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Over the years, we have seen some young Tangkhul writers in English publishing their books and selling in platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and other online platforms.

I have compiled a list of Six young writers and their books which are available on Amazon and TangkhulOnline Store. If you know other writers, please leave in the comment below.

Yun Makan – Flawless

Yun Makan is an 18 year-old prolific artist and writer with a passion to inspire others. This book was written when she was 16 and the cover design is her original work. She currently resides in India, taking a gap year.

yun makan flawlessRight from the start, a whole new outlook on our relationship with God – a Father so real, so close and so true in our struggles – is struck into the mind. A brilliant book where faith can dream in colours – Songayam Zimik Kardia, a child of God, has to find her way to Father who is waiting in Jerusalem. Though she does not understand what is to come, through her doubts and questions, she carries on. The story begins with her in school, living a normal life but during the months leading up to her 16th birthday she is haunted by Lucifer and his most trusted follower, the samurai. Flawless is the beginning of a life-changing adventure, it shows the power and rewards of faith and perseverance. It has a touch from every genre and is unique and gripping. It is the first book of a trilogy.

You can buy the book from Amazon
Price: Rs 445 (Paperback) – Sale Price

Yuimi Vashum – Love. Lust. Loyalty

Love Lust and Loyalty‘Love, Lust, and Loyalty’ talks about coping with sexual abuse as a kid, of falling in love, and of heartbreaks. Carrying the emotional impact of being abused, this book seeks to speak for kids, who had to endure the abuse in silence, because nobody said it was a crime and could seek help; no warnings. This book can also serve as a tool of awareness for parents and at the same time, to communicate with the victims of sexual abuse and emphasize that when victims overcome shame, they are just like everyone else – entitled to love, lust, and live.

You can read the review here and buy the book from our WebStore.
Price: Rs 200 (Paperback) – Sale Price

Jim Wungramyao – Homecoming and Other Stories

Jim wungramyao homecomingThis collection of nineteen short stories breathes new life into the inner make-up of the people of Northeast India, the Nagas in particular. The stories are bound together with a strong sense of attachment to the mountains, of a oneness with them. The Nagas have lived in them for centuries. From the advent of Christianity in the latter part of the 19th century to the present times, the stories cover a span of one hundred years and more. The arrival of the Japanese in a small village during the Second World War: a woman battling amnesia: a truck driver coping with loneliness: a man crossing over into Burma: children visiting their mother for the last time, lying on her death bed. These are stories of ordinary people and their lives: stories often left untold: stories swept away in the cross currents of political upheavals. Modernisation is portrayed as no more than the growth of new skin cells: the falling away of dead skin. Violence has little or no role in this process of re-juvenation. Changed reactions to familiar phenomena rise from change of alignments within.

You can buy the book from Amazon here
Price: Rs 245 (Paperback) – Sale Price

Michele Rungsung – Garden in a Graveyard

garden in graveyard michele rungsung


‘Garden in a Graveyard’ is a collection of short proses and poetries based on the life of a troubled woman. This book tells the story of her experience with love, loss, abuse, mental illness and her journey to self-discovery and healing.

Buy the bool from Amazon here.
Price: Rs 230 (Paperback)



Chirmi Shimray – The Sea and I

chirmi shimray the sea and IAfi, the little fighter in an imperfect world believes in love, friendship and the beauty that life has to offer but her world collapses when her mother passes away and everything in her life falls apart one after the other. She fights to breathe and survive each day until she cannot take it any longer and she decides to give in to the fierceness of the Sea to calm her restless heart. The gorgeous Jay Mathews, her best friend Mimi and her Dad comes as a plot twist. Jay, the name that brightens up her world and lifts her spirit every time, can he lift her spirit once again? Will she give in to the darkness of the Sea? Will it take away her misery and the pain as it has promised her?

You can read the review of the book from our wesbite.

You can buy the book from Amazon or from TangkhulOnline WebStore and get an exclusive Signed Copy!
Price: Rs 299 (Paperback)

Rinrei Angkang – Blue is not one of her favorite color

rinrei angkangBlue is not one of her favorite colors is a short fiction story and a collection of poems about replacing the purity of nature with the impurities of worldly things-societies living in deception and the dreams of the young being shackled; breaking away from the past and holding on to new light.

You can buy the book from Amazon or from TangkhulOnline WebStore for an exclusive Signed Copy
Price: Rs 300 (Paperback)


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