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Dimapur | February 17

12-year-old S. Yusenti Jamir today released her book titled, A Narrative Of a Third Culture Kid. Published by the Heritage Publishing House (HPH), the book was released in the presence of friends and family on February 17 during a program held at Hope Café here.

For Yusenti, books were the primary source of inspiration that led her to tread a path—of putting one’s thoughts in public view—where many adults deter.

“I started out as a novice reader, but quickly moved on to become an experienced reader. After reading different books, I got inspired to write my own book,” she wrote in the prologue to her 46-page book that relates personal experiences and thoughts in the form of short essays and poems.

This is Yusenti’s second book; here, she observes life, and shares snippets, as it unfurled in the United States of America where her family moved to while she and her sister, Sayana, were still toddlers, then moved back to Nagaland couple of years ago. Yusenti’s observations offer a rare in-the-present insight (as opposed to a nostalgic one) into the mind of a ‘third culture kid,’ defined by David D Pollock as a person who has spent a significant part of her developmental years outside the parents’ culture.

The book was launched officially by Sashila, Director of Maple Tree School, where Yusenti currently studies in the 6th grade.

For the Publisher at HPH, Dr. Lanusangla Tzüdir, who had been thinking of publishing children’s books for a long time, Yusenti’s work came as a blessing. “This is the smallest book HPH has done in terms of volume but the richest book we have published,” she acknowledged while speaking at the book launch on Sunday.

“I am pleasantly surprised, thrilled and proud that a student of ours has published a book,” said Sashila while launching the book. She maintained that children will not only connect with this book but it will “encourage more children to read and aspire to dream big.”

Writing and storytelling have the power to change lives, the Director of Maple Tree School affirmed. “It needs time, patience and courage,” all of which Yusenti has achieved.

“Yusenti wrote in her free time. As I read her work, I realized how important it is to express true feelings and emotions, to be real about struggles and celebrate wins,” noted Rev. Dr. Ellen Konyak Jamir, Yusenti and Sayana’s mother, while speaking today. Not expressing and sharing properly can lead to several psychosomatic illnesses in children and adults. “I hope reading this book will encourage all of us to express and share more,” she held.

Highlighting the “ordinary and extraordinary” in Yusenti and all children in general, their father, M Sashi Jamir, urged the young audience at the book launch to “have God in your heart so that your life is meaningful and do something for Nagaland, the place that you live in.”

Dr. James Kalong blessed Yusenti for “many more and greater works to come.”

The launch was followed by the author signing copies of her books for readers.



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