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IMPHAL | Jan 31: Effigies of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and chief minister, N. Biren were burnt down at Thangmeiband, Uripok and Heikru Makhong by supporters of the 24 hours general strike imposed by Manipur People against Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, a conglomerate of 64 CVOs of the state.

The general strike imposed from yesterday’s mid-night as a part of protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 totally crippled the normal life in the State.

Strike supporters came out in the streets and blocked the roads in different parts of the state; however, unlike the past general strikes, the strength of security personnel deployed was very less and police did not even try to stop the strike supporters from blocking the roads.

Ahead of blocking the roads, womenfolk of different localities in of valley districts also staged a sit-in protest at their respective localities as a part of protest against the bill.

Private establishment, markets, petrol pump and almost all the shops remained closed, though government offices and schools are not declared holiday, only a few turn up to their respective offices and not a single student turn up to their schools. However, hospitals and drug stores remained opened.

Interstate Bus Services including government transport services and private passenger vehicles remained off the road, except some few private vehicles which were seen plying on the streets.

One of the strike supporters said, “Today’s strike is just a simple agitation to let the government aware that all the people settling in the State is against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. If it is passed in the Rajya Sabha, intensive forms of agitation demanding autonomy will come up.”

Strike supporters raised slogans such as ‘Down down BJP,’ ‘Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Chatnaba Yaroy,’ ‘long live Manipur,’ ‘Save the indigenous people’ and others.

It is observed that the today’s general strike imposed against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is the most successful strike, fully supported by the public, imposed after the formation of the BJP led government.

Meanwhile, members of Mahabali Women Society staged a sit in protest against CAB at Mahabali Kabui Khun today by blocking the road passing through B.O.A.T and the locality.

Speaking to media persons, secretary of Mahabali Women Society, Khanghem Golmei said if the Citizenship Amendment Bill is passed, the influx of migrants will be grow rapidly and the indigenous people of the region will become minority in their own states within a few years.

They migrants will even dominate the politics of the State as they will become the majority, she added.

She further said that the present situation in the State can ignite a people’s movement larger than that of the great June uprising in 2001 and demanded immediate withdrawal of the bill.

THIOUBAL: In support of the 24- hour general strike against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), 2019, people of both Thoubal and Kakching districts were witnessed blocking roads, holding protest meets and organising meira rallies.

In Thoubal district alone, state offices including the District head quarter stayed closed. Both schools and colleges remained shut-down while passenger service operators stopped plying their vehicles for the day.

Major markets of the district including Thoubal, Yairipok, Wangjing and Heirok keithels remained shut-down while shops in other areas remained closed too. A protest meet was also held at Heirok Keithel which was jointly organised by SYPO and SCEASDO, Heirok along with Apunba Meira Paibi Heirok.

Several protest meets were held at Tentha Khunjao, Thoubal and Yairipok with large scale participation of residents of various localities along with members of Meira Paibi lups. Meanwhile, District police forces remained on high alert throughout the day with check posts arranged at various locations in the district.

Kakching district also witnessed the general support of the masses for the general strike with members of Joint Non-Government Voluntary Organisation (JNGVO) and All Kakching students union (AKSU) holding a hunger strike in protest against the bill at the Ibudhou Naohallai Sanglen located at Kakching Keithel.

While protest meets were held at Wabagai keithel and Hiyanglam; locals of Tangjeng Khunou, Chajing and Korsan Tabi formed a human-chain in protest against CAB at Sugnu road chanting slogans against the bill. Travellers on the roads were stopped at various places by the bandh supporters and they willingly acquiesced with the requests made by the supporters.

Likewise in Thoubal district, Kakching district police also took precautionary actions erecting picket points at various areas of the district.

Till the time of filing this report, there have been no reports of any untoward incidents from both Kakching and Thoubal districts.

TAMENGLONG : The 24-hour statewide bandh has impacted Tamenglong district headquarter with less vehicle movement, government offices and educational institutions, shops being closed.

All inter-district vehicles were also halted today.

The 24-hour general strike was imposed by Manipur People Against Citizenship Amendment Bill’ (MPACAB) affected in Tamenglong. All inter district vehicles were halted today.

Traders Association Tamenglong as a part of the protest against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, all shops and vegetables market in Tamenglong district headquarters were closed today.

MOREH: The general strike imposed by Hill Tribal Council (HTC), Moreh was carried out successfully with markets and shops remaining closed and no vehicles plying on the streets of the International border town.

No vehicles were also reported coming from Imphal side; and even though Nanphalon market in neighbouring Myanmar remained open, business was slow and few due to the lack of shoppers and businessmen.

Till the time of filing this report, there were no cases of any untoward happenings during the total shutdown.\

JIRIBAM : The 24- hour general strike against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019 called by Manipur People against Citizenship Amendment Bill’ (MPACAB) witnessed the support and solidarity of the people of the district with government offices and departments remaining closed along with schools and other institutions

Markets and shops also remained closed while the streets wore a deserted look. Along with private individuals, passenger services operators too had stopped plying their vehicles in support of the general strike.

Speaking to media personnel about the general strike, general secretary, Coalition against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA), Jiribam District Committee, N. Kumari Devi said, “We stand in total support with the general strike called against the CAB and we will also extend our support in any future movement or agitations taken against the bill.” While stating that CADA condemns the bill, she also added that if the CAB is implemented as an Act in the northeastern states, it would be a disaster for the region with migrants taking over the rightful share of the people added with the impending threat of eradication of indigenous peoples.


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