IMPHAL | Aug 28: One Assistant Agriculture Officer (AAO) of Agriculture department, Manipur namely Chabungbam Sarat has been alleged of attempting to murder an Agricultural Officer (AO) of Seed Analyst section, who is about to get pension on this going month, along with her staffs on August 26. The DDO has appealed the police to arrest Chabungbam Sarat as soon as possible.

Talking to this IFP reporter, the AO, Soniya (name changed under request) said that Sarat is one of her staff working as assistant agriculture officer. This is not the first time he is attacking and threatening the staffs of the section, she said while adding all the staffs are all afraid of him. On the evening of August 26, Sarat suddenly came in with one Katana sword in his hand and threatened to kill her and rest of the staff present at that time, she alleged.

When asked what may have prompted him to take up such a step or angered him, Soniya answered that no such things happened before that could make him to take up such actions. However, she recalled that concerning the allocation of a work scheme for a seed analyst, the allocation was not given to him. She made a guess that he may be upset for not getting the work scheme. She further stated that even if she wanted to give him the allocation, it was not possible due to other concerns.

She further stated that this was not the first time he had acted violently; once he dragged one of staff member by the shirt collar and destroyed office materials.

She had not taken any action on him at that time thinking that he might change his behaviour in the future, she said. But considering the recent incident, she could no longer tolerate it as he attempted for her life and her staffs, she added.

Completely intimidated by his behaviour, complaints were raised to deputy director as well as commissioner of agriculture department on same day, she said.

The staff members have expressed deep concern that they will leave or resign if he works again with them. With due concern for her life and security, she lodged a complaint to police on the same day. FIR has been registered but the person has not been arrested yet.

In the meantime, the director and commissioner along with Sarat called her for a negotiation on their office chambers but she refused considering the safety of her staff that will stay behind after she gets her pension.

She has also forwarded the complaint to minister concerned through minister’s PS and to All Manipur Employee Welfare Organisation. She appealed the police to arrest him as soon as possible and punish him according to law.



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