NEW DELHI, JNE 13: After facing heavy losses following coordinated operations by the Myanmar and Indian armies forcing the Naga rebel group NSCN (K) to shut camps in Taga, Myanmar, the faction is regrouping again to take control of the lost ground, intelligence reports indicate.

According to India Today report, security forces are taking inputs about the top leadership of NSCN (K) giving orders for reopening of the base area and council headquarters at Taga seriously.

The reports are being shared with Myanmarese counterparts, sources in the security establishment said.

According to reports, orders given are to retaliate if the Myanmar Army initiates any new action.

Joint operations against Augn Yung led NSCN (K) were launched in early February this year, after Indian agencies provided specific information and all aid to their Myanmar Army as part of a joint crackdown to destroy their camps in Taga that led to many of their leaders being taken in custody by the Myanmar Army.

There were several camps in Taga, Myanmar belonging to various North Eastern groups, majority belonging to NSCN (K).

After the action earlier this year, NSCN (K) faced heavy losses and was forced to lie low.

In a recent statement, NSCN (K) said that the Myanmar Army has created a war like situation referring to the continuous operations against them.

Last year, the Centre told security forces to be watchful while conducting operations against Naga insurgent groups, and to bear in mind that any adverse act can jeopardise peace talks.

The advisory came amid the recent split in the NSCN(K), the group that is currently not part of the ceasefire, having abrogated it in 2015.

The ouster of Khango Konyak, who formed a splinter group triggered hope that the group would join peace talks for a permanent solution to the Naga political problem. But the faction could not attract a large number of cadres which could have an impact to influence the negotiations.

Last month, NSCN (K) killed two soldiers of Assam Rifles and left four wounded in an attack.



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