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Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Are you passionate about bringing change in your region? If you are, here’s your chance to avail fully funded fellowship worth 12 lakhs to realize your dream.

The Naropa Fellowship aims to tackle the problem of unemployment, unemployability, cultural erosion, brain drain and unsustainable tourism practices by transforming the youths from job seekers to job creators.

About The Naropa Fellowship

The Naropa Fellowship is a one-year, fully-residential, post-graduate, academic programme focused on creating and nurturing agents of change who will work towards fostering an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and growth while preserving the cultural heritage of the Himalayan region.

Their vision is to develop leaders of tomorrow who will create meaningful impact in Ladakh and the Himalayan region. The Programme is fully funded and is worth 12 Lacs INR per Fellow! You won’t have to pay a penny!

The driving purpose behind the Naropa Fellowship is the urgent need to not only retain local talent, but also develop entrepreneurial skills that can help foster a robust socio- economic environment in the Himalayan region. Additionally, there is also a need to educate the younger generation regarding the importance of maintaining their distinctive culture and heritage.

The Fellowship is thus designed to address the rising challenges of unemployment, lack of training and professional skills, and gradual cultural erosion in the Himalayan societies. Aimed at creating community-spirited future leaders, the Naropa Fellows will be equipped with the skills and tools needed to successfully promote business, enterprise and civic leadership in a 21st century world.

Please visit and apply to become a Fellow.

You can also get in touch with the Marketing Head, Mr Worrin Muivah for further information and assistance by mail at


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