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Kohima, May 1 (EMN): To encourage creativity and ‘independence’ in children, a creative art school named the Art village was inaugurated by the Kohima Lotha Baptist Church’s pastor Renthungo Kikon, on April 30 at the DBS colony in Kohima.
Senior artist and retired deputy director of the Art and Culture department, Vilalhou Noudi addressed the programme.

Art village is an effort to nurture and promote the creative talents and abilities of the people in a simple and humble manner, Noudi said.

It intends to have components like creative art schools, workshops and exhibition on various art forms as part of a concept called the ‘A thousand Art project,’ and designs and production besides a Naga art magazine, he said.

Noudi said life between birth and death is all about art, and ‘we must live a purposeful life.’ He said art was all about creating something good and beautiful, something lovely and admirable. The promotion of the arts and involvement in art activities directly or indirectly help boosting creativity in man that brings him closer to his creator, he asserted.

An executive engineer of the Power department’s generation division Penrithung, no surname given, also addressed the event. He mentioned that the proprietor of Art village, Mhao Aaron Odyuo, had determination, perseverance and sincerity by opening Art village. The officer expressed hope that the creative art school would shine and progress even in the future.

Also, the joint secretary for Art and Culture, Jamithung Lotha, said to be impressed by the proprietor’s activities and dedication to art. He encouraged Art village to aim higher and to make it a tourist village that would go beyond the state. He reminded that any society without progress in art was a sign of the lack of progress in the society.

In his address, Mhao Aaron Odyuo said to have worked for three years to start Art village. He said that the inauguration of the centre was a humble beginning, and one which has been started with a vision.

Art village has four art teachers offering a beginners’ course; drawing, landscape, still life and portraits.



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