CM Biren Singh

IMPHAL | Jun 17: Even as Education minister Radheshyam underplayed the leadership crisis within BJP as a mere ‘family matter’, there are indications of a possible change of guard anytime before August this year, most probably after July 26.

Accordingly to highly reliable sources, the ‘hard decision’ is a fallout of the intense pressure mounted by MLAs and ministers in the government demanding the removal of the incumbent chief minister.

The dissident group remains hell-bent on their stand that they would agree to any alternative other than the the current head of government, said the sources.

It is said that the senior leaders of the party and RSS top brass, arrived at the ‘hard decision’ fearing that if political rivalry is allowed to persist it could be detrimental for the BJP. However, who will be given the reign of power is not yet ascertained.

Either change of guard or imposition of President Rule keeping the state assembly on animated suspension are the options considered as of now, added the sources.

Till yesterday the rebel MLAs and ministers were reportedly persuaded to agree a compromise but as they remained adamant on their stand, the almost finalized compromised plan did not materialize.

Yesterday, minister Radheshyam, after returning from Delhi, said that the ongoing imbroglio among elected representatives and ministers in the state government will be resolved soon.

He stated that there is no crisis within the government as presented in social media and some media reports. However, he admitted that there is difference of opinions among the constituent ministers.

“There have been misunderstandings among the constituent ministers over difference of opinions, just as misunderstandings occur among family members sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that there is an ongoing political battle against each other”, he said while asserting that there will be no change of guard or chief minister.



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