Dimapur, Feb. 6 (EMN): With no solution in sight to Nagas’ struggle for self determination despite peace talks for several years, the Nagaland Joint Christian Forum (NJCF) has on Wednesday called upon the churches across the “denominational lines” to organise a special prayer service on Feb. 10 (Sunday) for early settlement of the much-delayed Naga political issue.

The NJCF said in a statement that it has “taken serious note of the stalled political negotiation between the GoI and the NNPGs.”

“It has become the attitude of the GoI to sideline the issues arising from Nagaland and this time around it has become very clear that they instigate a non-issue to cover up and drag the issue at hand. These are things that we must commit to God so that with the prayer of believers God will intervene,” read the statement.

The forum stated that the government of India has talked about recognising the “historical and political uniqueness of the Nagas” on several occasions and even promised for a political solution “soon” but it had turned out to be a mere “political rhetoric.”

“The patience of the Nagas has been tested over and over at every turn. The delay tactic of the central government is gathering thicker mass and this may evolve into another long-range problem if it is not dealt with all seriousness. Mutual trust and confidence seems to be lacking on the part of the GoI. The Nagaland Joint Christian Forum urges the GoI to take the matter with all seriousness so as to avoid mistrust and misconstruction among the people,” said the statement issued by NJCF president Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho.

The NJCF has requested all the churches irrespective of denominations to seek divine intervention during the special service and pray that:

– God will grant His wisdom and direction to the leaders of both the GoI and the NNPGs.
– That the delay tactics of those in authority will not lead to another insurmountable problem.
– That those in power will avoid extremism and hatred, and that the spirit of tolerance will prevail in the country.
– That God’s will for the Nagas will reign supreme in every situation.
– That our political leaders will have the courage to speak the truth and stand for the welfare of the people.
– Pray for northeast region where we are now engulfed with unrest situation created by CAB.

Solve Naga political issue before Lok Sabha elections

Dimapur, Feb. 6 (EMN): Leaders of major civil society organisations in Nagaland on Wednesday resolved to urge the Government of India to solve the much-delayed Naga political issue before the upcoming general election that is expected to take place in May this year.

The decision was taken during a consultative meeting called by the Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF) with apex civil organisations, mass-based civil society and Tribal Hohos on Jan. 6 in Dimapur.

The NGBF media cell said in a statement that the house has decided to submit a memorandum to the GoI through the Governor of Nagaland seeking “early Indo-Naga political solution before the scheduled Lok Sabha elections.” It has set up a co-ordination committee to take the issue further.

The house has appealed the “NNPGs and NSCN to have MoU for the sake of early Indo-Naga political solution.”

The Naga leaders, who attended the consultative meeting, also strongly opposed the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and decided to submit a representation to the Indian government through the state governor, to protest against the bill.



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