IMPHAL | Aug 23: A women hailing from Ukhrul district who is working at DDK, Imphal has accused program executive DDK, Imphal, Assurance Raikhan for rape and sexual molestation against her on multiple accounts, and making threats on several occasions.  She has lodged an FIR at Ukhrul Women Police Station on July 12 against the accused, Raikhan.

It is said that though she suffered from sexual abuses from the accused for years, the complaint was lodged in connection to an incident which occurred on July 28, 2017. As per the complaint, Raikhan raped her during a shooting trip at Ngashan Inn, Hamleikhong, Ukhrul district. However, Police have reportedly not taken any action though a complaint and FIR has been lodged against the accused.

Meanwhile, Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) has urged in a letter issued to DGP, Manipur for urgent intervention to arrest the accused, Assurance Raikhan who allegedly raped the victim in several instances, and against the failure of the WPS, Ukhrul to arrest him.

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In such a grave situation, WPS-Ukhrul has failed to arrest the accused till date since the matter was reported, it said. The matter is being neglected as the person is working with the government, it added.

Through a letter, she narrated her story that she came to Imphal in 2012 through her uncle who introduced her to Assurance Raikhan to do work of his project as a TV Announcer. She was instructed by Raikhan not to mingle with other members of DDK crew or make any contacts with the rest of the team, it said.  Under Raikhan, she diligently followed all his advice, it further said.

The letter said that the first incident happened in Mao by the end of the year 2012. On that trip at the Golden Hotel, she was raped by Raikhan by ignoring her resistance, it alleged. She was merely an innocent 18 year old at that time, who did not know about rape, molestation or sex, it stated. From that day onwards, there was no holding him back, it further said adding blackmail, threats, workplace harassment, rape, sexual molestation, brainwash and all trickeries subjected to fear and constant confusion continued against her.

She could not even tell her mother due to her words “you are a girl, one mistake and your life is over,” it said. Due to fear and stigma she was unable to disclose the facts to anyone.

Though she was feeling like a dead person inside and living like an empty shell, she managed to complete her graduation in 2015. She started fighting back against every instruction coming from Raikhan.

It further said that she was under Raikhan’s permission for everything till 2016. Through education, she started enjoying her own rights but she was still powerless. However, her boyfriend whom she fell in love in 2017 helped her in getting the strength to fight for justice. Though she has gone through severe trauma, she has finally stood up to fight against her violator.

Finally after getting her courage to fight for her rights, she lodged the FIR at Ukhrul Women Police Station on July 12, 2019. She has also urged women police Ukhrul to help her by taking necessary action against the accused, Raikhan.

She expressed her decision to become a warrior to fight for justice of all women who have been oppressed by evil men of the world.



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