Eastern Mirror Desk | Dimapur, June 22: The Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI) in its general meeting held on Saturday resolved to let hotels, lodges, tours and travels agencies, confectionaries, gas stations, salons and outlets dealing in perishable items and groceries, open after 12 noon on Sundays. Medical stores can be opened from the morning.

Currently, the NSCN (IM) has imposed Sunday closure on business establishments (with few exceptions).

The DCCI has cautioned that if any organisation is found issuing or imposing forceful closure, which is against the interest of the business community and consumers, the traders will declare “non-cooperation in all forms” to those individuals and organisations.

The general meeting of DCCI was held at the Old Daily Market in Dimapur.

The DCCI has warned organisations, associations or unions from forcing bandh on the business establishments; unless it comes in the form of a government administrative order or official directives from the DCCI, Dimapur business community will under no circumstances pull its shutters down and any business establishment violating this resolution will pay a penalty of INR 5000.

The business community resolved that it would not entertain any form of illegal collection by any NGO and student bodies either in terms of monetary or through sale of calendar, lottery and tickets. Any business establishment found violating this resolution will be subjected to action deemed fit by DCCI, it resolved.

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They also decided that no individual or organisation will be allowed to conduct raids on expired goods or check MRP rates inside shops and godowns. Any related grievances should be reported to the appropriate authority, it asserted.

In this connection, the DCCI resolved that if any ‘self-styled individuals or organisations are found collecting such tax or penalty,’ the business community will file FIRs against those people.

The DCCI also resolved that all business establishments ‘will register with DCCI in a time bound manner.’

The chairman of Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) Dr. Khehugha Muru, in his address, said that the CNCCI is an umbrella organisation of business organisations in the state. He sought cooperation from the business community towards the DCCI, considering the problems the business community faces in the form of harassment, taxation and bandh. “When the government has no resources, the business community are harassed to shut down the establishment; when there is any issue in the state, the business community faces the brunt like every solution will come from the community,” Muru lamented.

Advisor to DCCI Dennis Yepthomi frowned upon the numerous donation drives by various organisations; and harassment of the business community. He said, “There are about 30 businesses committee registered under DCCI and DCCI has always stood for the business community and therefore the business community should render unceasing support not just by word but through actions.”

Basu Damani, also the advisor to DCCI, asserted that the business community, particularly the non-Nagas, continues to do business in the state because of their respect and trust for the state. Also, he hoped that the Naga and non-Naga business community will work together for the state.

The president of DCCI Akashe Zhimomi hoped for healthy competition among the business community while acknowledging that they themselves were partly at fault for inviting harassment.



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