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Manipur News | CHURACHANDPUR| Apr 5

Naga People Front (NPF) candidate for the upcoming 17th Outer Manipur Lok Sabha parliamentary constituency (ST), Dr. Lorho S Pfoze outlined his plans for the future if he is elected during a press conference held at Churachandpur today.

Accompanied by chairman of ADC, Ukhrul, Dr. Yarongso Ngalung and other officials of NPF, Dr. Lorho S Pfoze said that if he was elected as the MP, he would emphasise on the unity of the people or tribals inhabiting the hills of Manipur in the plans of the government with the objective of ensuring development at all levels. “I will also try to give more powers to the ADCs of the State,” he said.

In the case of a new government at center after the LS elections, Dr. Lorho S Pfoze stated that whichever party may win, all section or groups had their own issues and problems which must be solved.  And, in regard to infamous three bills that led to the incident of killing of 9 people in 2015, he contended that it was a sensitive case that could have brought turmoil to the State stating that he was in favour of talks as people are not feeling secure on such matters. He recalled that NPF stood against the three anti Tribal Bill’s with all their four MLAs resigning in protest while other tribal MLAs remained silent though there was no   death or injury amongst the Nagas which was but then concentrated mostly in Churachandpur district.

While stating that NPF stand for Tribal rights, Dr. Lorho S Pfoze also said that in regard to Autonomous District Council, the members should get power from the grassroots level to bring development as per the 3rd Amendment of the Act of 2018 where several rules for initiation to give power to ADCs were taken. “ But with no action taken apart from the noncompliance of Article 371C which was not implemented that led to no power nor share to ADC so far, NPF will find out the truth and redress the problem in future,” he added.

The NPF candidate further stated that Khuga multipurpose dam project is a “Dead Project” as there has been no signs of its proposed benefits whether it is the cannels for irrigation, electric power and water supply adding that the NPF will work on the project in order to bring profit and development to people only.

The stand of NPF in regard to Minority rights among tribals is that the party want to redress all issues but since some minority tribe may fear being  assimilated by majority tribals, equal and due shares had to be given to them, he continued adding that “After  the 2021 census, a delimitation commission  will be formed and if elected as MP of Lok Sabha, then I will be chairman of the commission and others will insure that  all due share will be given  to all tribes  and there is no reason or need to worry as we will represent the unrepresented.”

Dr. Lorho S Pfoze also focussed on the needs of women who constitute about 50 percent of the population appealing them to come out in the forefront to bring holistic development. “They talk about women empowerment but shy away from coming out to lead and this needs to be discontinued to bring equality and holistic development for all problems,” he said.

Declaring that he will be instrumental in fixing the problems, Dr. Lorho said that the NPF is in coalition with the BJP. “But it can be altered if the party they are in coalition with do not subscribe with NPF’s ideology,” he added.



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