Dreamz Unlimited

Dreamz Unlimited (DU) has been literally ‘making a splash’ on the video-sharing website YouTube since debuting with ‘Watery Solution,’ on December 22, 2016.

Within 1 year and 8 months, the channel ‘Dreamz Unlimited’ described as ‘Comedy acts, Short Films, Gags and many more” became the first ‘YouTuber’ from Nagaland to reach 100,000 subscribers on August 5, 2018.

Now the channel, most acclaimed videos with unique blend of humor and sarcastic commentary on contemporary social issues, has officially received the Creator Awards program from YouTube.

The Dimapur-based Theatre & Film Production House started in started in 2008 and was popular in live performances before hitting the bull’s eye through the videos.

DU’s Director Tiakumzuk Aier was obviously thrilled, yet modest, on receiving the Silver Creator Award on May 8.

“These days many YouTubers are receiving so it may not have that weightage like earlier times, but for the team it is really special. To be the first YouTuber in the state to receive such is a blessing and honor, Aier told The Morung Express.

The next target is 1 million subscribers’ milestone, he added. It was inching towards 2 lakh subscribers (198,576) when The Morung Express checked last on the evening of May 8.

DU’s most popular video ‘Lie Detector Machine’ unloaded on Apr 1, 2018 is inching towards 1 million views (911,525) and most videos have above 3 lakh viewership.

“You’ve just done something that very few YouTube creators accomplish; You had an astonishing 100,000 people subscribe to your channel,” stated the citation from YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki

“We know that numbers on YouTube can get really big, but we hope that you don’t lose sight of the reality behind that six-digit milestone… You achieved this milestone with hard work, perseverance and probably a healthy sense of humor too,” it said.

Recognizing the hard works, the Silver Creator Award is a small “token of our esteem and respect” the CEO ‘s citation added.

Encouraging further, it said: “A million subscribers may seem a long way off right now, but you’re closer than you think. And we’re rooting for you. Congratulations.”

YouTube’s ‘Creator Awards program’

According to YouTube, Creator Awards program is its way of recognizing the extraordinary effort creators put into their channels but need to confirm to certain eligibility criteria.

There are three levels of Creator Awards based on the following subscriber milestones:
• Silver – on reaching 100,000 subscribers
• Gold – on reaching 1,000,000 subscribers
• Diamond – on reaching 10,000,000 subscribers

In addition to the above subscriber threshold requirements, Creator Awards are given at YouTube’s discretion. “We only recognize creators who follow our guidelines, and each channel is reviewed before an award can be issued,” it said.

Accordingly, creators who keep their accounts in “good standing without copyright strikes or violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service”

In addition, Creator Awards are meant to recognize those that bring original content to YouTube. For this reason, channels that focus on compilations, mixes, curation, or heavy use of third-party copyrighted content or characters may not be eligible for Creator Awards, it added.

Within approximately one week of reaching your subscriber milestone, YouTube reviews each channel and those eligible are notified afterwards.

The award and citation are shifted afterwards, which the DU received on May 8.


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