American Christian metal legends Whitecross have reached Nagaland to play for fans, most of them children of the ‘80s who grew up during a time when the genre was a mainstream music movement, especially in the United States. The dedication of Christian rock music fans in the state will be tested on Tue. April 16 as the legends play live at the DDSC from 5:00 pm onwards in Dimapur.

The band members are bassist Benny Ramos, drummer Michael Feighan, singer Peter Stenlund, and guitarist Rex Carroll.

Addressing a press conference on Mon. April 15 at the Sky Garden in Dimapur, the band members acknowledged that they were anxious initially before coming to India. The experience, Stenlund said, was making them a better band.

The band is excited to experience Naga musicians, and getting to know the people and their music. Likewise, they are excited that the people also will get to know them as this will be the band’s first appearance in India.

On their plans of releasing new materials, Carroll acknowledged that the band for a long time had not released new music and have not discussed on making new music. Nonetheless, they are continuing to study music from each other.

“We are excited as any of you guys to find music,” Rex said as he explained music to be a craft which gets better with practice and that it is a gift from God.

“Never give up on your craft and keep practicing while pursuing your dream given by God and perfecting your craft,” the guitarist said.

On the current music scene, Whitecross who started in the ‘80s remarked that music has definitely changed. Making music is a lot easier now both in terms of recording and marketing careers. But the band expressed optimism that rock music will stay and will not go silent as long as people enjoy the music, more so they—as Whitecross—are still surviving even after 34 years as musicians.

A word of wisdom from Whitecross: “Whatever people think of you is not your business.It is for them. Your path is unique and stay committed with your vision.” Singer Stenlund conveyed that an individual playing in a band should be in the band for the same reason as the other members to avoid getting into conflict.

The Whitecross concert is managed by Dimapur-based Sky Entertainment and powered by the Nagaland Bamboo Timber Unit.

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