mushroom chutney

“A recipe has no soul, You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe” – Thomas Keller.

They say ‘there is no love sincerer than the love of food’, they say ‘a way to man’s heart is through their stomach’ (well it should be ‘a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach’) and we can’t agree more. Food is ❤️!

Everyone want’s to eat good food, but the problem is not everyone knows how to cook good food. And often, we looked up on the internet looking for recipes. But then, in most cases, we could not follow the recipes mainly because the ingredients are either not available or we do not know the ingredients.

We have been wanting to follow the recipes where we have all the ingredients readily available with us. That’s when we come across a young Naga lady, Sochonphy Lunghar, on instagram who goes by the user ID @_bon_appetite__. She is a self taught home cook who sets and follows her own recipe and loves cooking the traditional food.

Well that’s what we have been looking for all this time! Traditional food with traditional organic ingredients and recipes which we can follow easily!

So without further ado, we are sharing here with you all her delicious recipes!

First up is her Mushroom Chutney Recipe!

Mushroom🍄 Chutney

Ingredients: Mushrooms, Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Fermented fish, salt, King chilli paste, turmeric leaf

1) Soak mushrooms 🍄

2) Heat oil, Add garlic, ginger and onion, fry till aromatic then add fermented fish. Fry for a couple of sec.

3) Add mushrooms🍄, salt, king chilli paste and water.

4) Cover with turmeric leaf, cook under medium heat for 10-15 min.

5) Increase heat, fry till the water dries out.

6) Add onion and herbs 🌿 Of your choice ( spring onion, garlic chives, coriander, hooker chives, ginger leaves or basil )

sochon lunghar

Sochonphy Lunghar is a self taught home cook who sets and follows her own recipe. She is presently based in Senapati district, Manipur. She is more into traditional food which are readily available with us. You can follow her on instagram @_bon_appetite__

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