Smoked beef

Smoked beef with cocoyam

Smoked beef, cocoyam or yam, tree tomato or tamarillo, spring onion, red king chilli, dry elshotzia blandia flower (lomba), garlic, ginger, naga Sichuan powder, spring onion.

1) peel off the skin of cocoyam, then cut into desire size.

2) Boil 3 cup of water, let it boil, add salt, cocoyam and smoked beef. Cook over medium heat till yam is tender.

3) Add tamarillo, garlic, ginger, dry elshotzia blandia flower (lomba), naga Sichuan powder, king chilli. Cook for 10 mins, with spoon mash some yam to make the gravy thick.

4) Garnish with spring onion. #nagafood #tangkhulfood #homefood #momsrecipe #beefbroth #foodies #instafood


Smoked beef smoked beef,cocoyam 1Sochonphy Lunghar is a self taught home cook who sets and follows her own recipe. She is presently based in Senapati district, Manipur. She is more into traditional food which are readily available with us. You can follow her on instagram @_bon_appetite__

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