TangkhulOnline platform comes with a lot of useful features. Yes, this is not a social networking website where one can post a lot of selfies or post random personal thoughts. Rather TangkhulOnline is a community platform with the aim of bringing Tangkhuls together to build a useful online platform.

We are highlighting some of the core features of TangkhulOnline.

1. News - TangkhulOnline being a community platform, we have given the access to all the users to post useful news. Be it local news, or national news, you are free to post.

2. Forum - This is the core feature of TangkhulOnline. We look forward for your active participation to make TangkhulOnline a truly community based website. Let us come together to build a platform like our good old Longshim where our forefathers gathered to learn and share the art of life.

3. Articles - Post and share your articles. Share your thoughts and opinions. Discuss with fellow Tangkhuls.

4. Gallery - Share your photos. TangkhulOnline being a community platform, we encourage you to upload only those photos which will be relevant.

5. Videos - Share your videos. Upload directly to TangkhulOnline or just copy paste the link from Youtube. We are making a platform where we can archive all the Tangkhul videos under one platform

6. Files - Upload or download useful files

More features will be added in the future. Blogs, Classifieds, Quiz etc to be added soon.

We would very much love to hear from all of you. Please leave us your valuable suggestions.

Ningshi haira.