Chuchuyimlang Village
Storyteller: Mr. Ubola Nokpoloksup
Translated by Latong Meren Ao

This is the story of the origin of the Ao clans of Nagaland. The Aos never had a written language so everything we know is through word of
mouth. We believe that we originated from a place called Chunglimti which is an hour and a half’s drive from the district headquarters of

There are three clans amongst the Aos known as the Pongoners, the Longkumers and the Jamirs, and this story tells of the origins of these
clans. The place that these clans emerged is known as Longdzuk by the Aos, and this means six stones, while our mother village is known as Ungma.
The first clan to come into the world was the Pongoners, previously known as the Tongpok, (this was the original name of the clan). In Ao language Tongpok means something that you burst out of and it is believed that the first clan, the Pongoners burst out of a cave. Tongpok was the first man to burst out of the cave.  He had a sister called Longkatokla; (Longkatokla means “one stone that burst”.  They might have had to struggle to get out of the cave, and perhaps Longkatokla helped her brother to emerge from  the cave.

Now the second clan, the Longpok, also known as the Longkumers was the next to exit the cave.  Longpok means to burst out of a cave that
has already been opened (by the Pongoners).  Now the first man from this clan, Longpok, was assisted out of the cave by his sister called

After  them came the Jamirs also known as Longchakrap which means to come from a place where boulders have already been broken.  After the
Pongonersand the Longkumers had come out, the Longchakrap, or the Jamirs came out using the path that had already been cleared for them.  The
Longchakrap are therefore, the sons of the broken stones.  Longcakrap also had a sister and her name was Ilongshi.  So now you see that there
were six of them, the three males and their younger sisters.  So even today when you go to Chunglimti you will see the six stones that we Aos
originated from.  I believe I originated from this place, though of course Christianity has brought new belief.
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