Long,  long ago, before the great darkness came, there lived a man who kept
wild dogs.  He would go hunting with his dogs and he was able to kill
and eat many deer.   But as time went on, he got so old that he could no
longer go into the jungle with his dogs, so he called them all to his
side and brought them back to the house. There he cooked enough rice for
each to have a share, but when he divided it up, he miscalculated the
number and the youngest dog got none. Then the old man said, “My dogs, I
am very old and can no longer go out hunting with you. But do not
forget how I looked after you and cared for you. When you kill a deer,
always leave a leg for me at the cross –roads.”

When the dogs had left, they quite forget what the old man has said to them. Now the
youngest dog was angry with the old man because he did not get his share
of rice, so when the other dogs asked him what the old man had said he
replied, “The old man said that we kill a deer, we should leave dung for
him at the cross roads.”That is why to this day wild dogs leave their
dropping at the cross roads.How Man became a Catfish
A man went with a group of children to work in his fields. After working all
morning, it was soon time for the mid day meal, and the children asked
him to give them their rice.

But the owner of the field felt that it was not time yet, so he refused to give them any rice.
The children then said that they were going to have a bath, and they
went off to the river.  On the way they said, “We were not given rice in
time, so we will become catfish”, and with those words they turned into
catfish then and there, crying out  “we are catfish! We are catfish!”

The owner of the field called out “come along now, I will give you
rice”, but the children replied, “You would not give it to us before and
now we have forgotten about man’s food and we are not coming”, and in
the form of catfish, they swam away.

It is said that because the children were wearing dao holders when they were transformed into
catfish, the fish have a band on their backs  that resembles a dao
holder. The Trickster (Apvüho) and the Tiger (Mhorü)It was a hot summer
day, and a certain person called Apvüho was busy trying to trick a
couple of boys who were fishing down by the pond.  Apvüho was a man in
his late 30s and he was never satisfied unless he tricked at least half
the people of his village everyday and this is how he became known as 
“The Trickster”.  His cleverness and his cunning ways were famous, not
only in his village, but also in the neighbouring villages as well.While
Apvüho was talking with the boys, Mhorü (Tiger), his rival came along. 
Mhorü was not at all glad to see him as he had been tricked by Apvuo
just the day before.  When Apvüho saw Mhorü, he became scared, knowing
that  he would be in great trouble as Mhorü was very strong.  As he was
standing there in a panic, he suddenly spotted a beehive on a tree, and
he got an idea.  Just as Mhorü was about to strike, Apvüho begged him to
spare his life, telling  him that he would let him play the sacred drum
of the village.  Mhorü was a simpleton and he easily fell for the trick
and began asking eagerly for the drum, forgetting all about revenge.
Apvüho pointed towards the beehive and told Mhorü that it was the sacred
drum of the village and that he was in charge of guarding it.  He also
told Mhorü that he could only start playing once permission had been
taken from the villagers.   Apvüho then pretended to go to the village
but he was actually planning his escape.  Once he was a safe distance,
he shouted back to say that the villagers had granted permission to play
the  drum.  Mhorü gladly started beating the beehive and he was soon
attacked by a swarm of bees.  Apvüho laughed as he ran away from the
village, and no one ever saw him again.