The Story of Raünthüvüpa and Lürathiüvüpa
Laruri Village
Storyteller: L. Jimpong Thüvüri
Translated by Mr. Mr. Lalhmangaiha, Head Teacher, Sütsü

This is the story of the village chief of Leruri and his relationship with the tiger, who is the king of the forest.  It also tells of the origin of Leruri village.

In olden days man killed tigers and tigers killed men.  There was hero once called Ralimpong, and his father was called Dvüdey, and he was the king of the village.  One day, when Ralimpong was just a baby,  his parents went to field to work, leaving their small child alone in the field hut.  When they returned, they saw a tiger coming out of the hut, and the tiger was licking his lips.  Both of them cried out, “Our child is no more!  Our darling has been eaten by the tiger!”  But when they entered the hut, to their astonishment they found that their son had been licked clean by the tiger and was sleeping soundly.

They could not believe it and when they returned to the village for the night and were sleeping soundly, the tiger appeared in their dreams and conveyed a message to them.  The message was this:  I want you to be my relatives, and I want the child to be named Ralimpong.  From that day onwards, the chief’s clan (known as Thüvüri) and tigers do not hunt one another, and whenever a person dies from the chief’s clan, tigers can be heard some where nearby moaning.