Enjoy this Free Translation of a Chakesang Naga Folk Song, 
(Describing the Longing of an old native for his youth.) 

Born pure and innocent like flower, 
With the blessing of my parents, my dear parents, 
My life was planned to be as ever flowing as a stream, 
And as peaceful and glorious as a blooming rose. 
As a child, I had no cares, no worries no fear. 
Nor did I ever dreamt of a thing such as death. 
I spent my youth with joy and happiness, 
Never did I felt sorrow in my heart. 
Full of joy, gaiety and laughter, 
Everything and everyone around me was cheerful and bright, 
It seems the whole world was made for me, to give me pleasure. 
But, alas, as the years rolled by, 
And as I grew in age and wisdom, 
I begin to realize life on this earth. 
Is not eternal, not for ever, not everlasting 
I learn life is short-lived. 
The treasures, the glories and the sorrows 
One day would fade and dies, 
I find death inescapable things. 
Our lives are not like roses, 
That wither and fade today, 
Their beauty will once more be seen 
In the next spring time. 
Today the sun will set, the moon disappears, 
Tomorrow they will be there shinning, 
As unchanged as ever in all their immortal glory, 
But once we dies, the beauty, joy, fear and sorrow ends. 
With death we have no more, 
The joys, sorrows, happiness and fear, 
But only peace, everlasting peace. 
Recalling, the days of my youth, 
I could see and understand how life has changed, 
What a mystery, and strange death is, 
Before, we meet our eternal fate, 
Let us one and all, joints hands together, 
For death shows no distinction 
To rich and poor, young and old