A Letter to my Mom..
In thy laps i grew,
Nested in your unconditional love.
Tuning into your 'Naokhot Laa';
This still echoes my ears.
You brought me up like a king,
Whose every wish and whims were met.
Like a bird who flew beyond the sky,
Just to get a food for her younglings;
You fed me.
My rivers of complains always flows in,
Yet your heart never gets full;
Nor is your ear filled with hearings.
For hours you would work under the sun;
Just to fulfill my tiny little wish.
As young as i was, as ignorance grip me;
I had taken your love for granted, for long;
The only regret, the saddest thing indeed.
And now wandering in a foreign land,
Reminiscing of your love and care,
And all the tears that i have made you shed,
Which, in fact, you never deserve.
A silent tears stroll down my cheek.
I complaint, i do not sleep in silver bed,
Like my friends do,
But you have had a special bed for me;
A bed full of LOVE.
I complaint my dresses are torn,
And not good like the one my friends have.
But you have had a dress made of care, for me.
And still those torn clothes which you stitch;
With your loving hands, are far better than the new one.
As i reminiscent now.
I was so ignorant to know all these;
A regret which I notice so lately.
And on this auspicious day,
Dear Mom, I just wanna say,
Thank you for your unconditional Love and Care.
And above all, Thank you for living your life for me.
I know it would have been hard for you;
To live two lives in one body.
And i tell you Mom, all your troubles and hardship;
In bringing me up, will never be a waste.
For when you backbone stoop, and your vision become blur;
I'll be your mom.
To listen to all your little complains,
And to fulfill all your tiny little wish.
And to give the same unconditional love;
Like the one you bestowed upon me.