O!. Meiteilava sitmahui,
Wungram Kashangla leishiya,
Ali reklai ungsifaya,
Nashimphungli Maran thei sui,
Suikhareireilo ini Kuini ini khuinasa,
Thishunglo O! Nathanvala thishunglo!

During the protracted war between Burma and Manipur, many Meitei
families fled to Ukhrul Hills and took shelter in Tangkhul villages to
escape from the oppressions and atrocities in the hands of Burmese
soldiers. Some families returned to the valley while others got
themselves absorbed in Tangkhul society. This is a song addressed to a
girl from the Valley expressing his feelings towards her. It is also
written in the History of Manipur that some plainsmen begin driven out
from the Valley by the Ningthoujas, fled to the Hills merged among the
Kabuis and the Tangkhuls. This happened in the first century A.D.
According to Sir James Johnstone, the Political Agent of Manipur in
1880, the Burmese tried in vain to subdue the Tangkhuls also and in one
case, a force of 700 men that they (Burmese) sent against Tangkhul was
entirely annihilated.  1891 Census has identified at least 9 Headmen of
Tangkhul Villages of Ukhrul District, bearing Meitei names such as
Thawaijao, Sajaoba, etc.