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    Storyteller: Pangretsü Jingtshiri
    Translated by Mr. Mr. Lalhmangaiha, Head Teacher, Sütsü

    In this area people are mostly farmers.  Once upon a time, a man from Leruri caught a wolf cub while he was working in the field.  He brought the cub home and he reared it and called it Ayowsü.  Now this cub grew up to become a very intelligent, well behaved, civilized animal and he lived as part of the family.  The young wolf would often go out hunting and whenever she killed an animal she would call her master to carry it home, and in this way she became valuable to the family and they all lived together happily.

    On one particular day, Ayowsü went hunting and she killed a deer.  She went home happily but found that her master was not there, so she called her mistress to come and carry back the deer.  But her mistress was pregnant, and she was busy cooking and furthermore she did not understand what the wolf wanted.    In a bad temper, she hit the wolf with her wooden cooking spoon, driving the wolf out and into the jungle.  The mistress then realized her folly and started chasing the wolf, calling out her name, “Ayowsü! Ayowsü!” -but the wolf would only respond with a “Woo”.  The woman went onto the next mountain and called again “Ayowsü! Ayowsü!” and again the wolf responded with a  “Woo”, but would not return home.  In this way the wolf went further and further away, crossing several ridges of hills until the woman could not chase her pet anymore and could only call Ayowsü! Ayowsü!”- and sing this sing:

    “O Ayowsey, O Ayowsey
    O Ayowsü nü mokithow
    O Ayowsü nü ali petho
    Lüsey nong mokithow
    O dramongthe? O dramongthe?

    Which translates as:
    O Ayowshey, O Ayowshey
    O Ayowsü how sad it is
    O Ayowsü has gone feeling sadO where are you crying now?
    To the other side,
    O where are you crying now?

    After singing this song she said, “O Ayowshey, if you are not coming back, please, whenever you kill an animal, do not just throw it into the river, but leave it on the ground so that we can come and take it.  Oh how we long for  you!

    And this was how the mistress of the house lost her beautiful, obedient pet because she could not control her temper.  The lesson is that an uncontrolled temper can cause irreparable damage.

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