PM Modi Imphal visit

Manipur News | IT News |Imphal, April 4,

Conglomerate of rebel group operating in the region has boycotted Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed visit in the state on April 7 and called 17 hour total shut down from 1 am to 6 pm of the same day.

A statement signed by Leibaak Ngaakpa Luwang (Media Co- Ordinator CorCom)  stated that erstwhile kingdom of Manipur (Kangleipak was forcibly annexed by colonial India on October 15, 1949.

“It’s been 70 years as we are under India’s control and we have been face a terrible  India’s rules”, the statement said.

After India occupied Manipur the Indian regime had control the economy of the people and the identity of the indigenous people has been put into serious threat. Culture, traditions, identity of the people of the region has been put into serious threats by the Indian regime.

The Indian regime has been using all means to suppress the revolutionary movement of the people of the region. In order to rooted the colonial regime the imperialist India has been enforcing AFSPA and under the shadow of the draconian act the security force has been systematically committing various form of crime including killings , torturing in the name of fighting the rebel group.

The massacre of Patsoi- langjing , Heirangoithong, RMC, Tonsen Lamkhai ..,etc. still is being reminded by the people of the region.  1528 victims of fake encounter killing were still waits for justice. Even though 5 Cases were charge sheeted justice still is not delivered. The CorCom statement said that even the Supreme Court  does anything to stop state terrorism in the state.

The kind of brutal killing, torture to the people by arms forces will not be able to suppress the revolutionary groups, the CorCom said.

It further added that the dream of making India a one nation one religion will wipe out the indigenous people of the region.

It added that everyday many outsiders are entering to Manipur, people have been demanding a law to the Government to save the people from them. Citizen Amendment Bill- 2016 was proposed by the central government for erasing the indigenous people. Central government temp the people of Manipur for development when vote is near.

The statement further added that during the Total Shutdown,  media, water supply, Electricity, fire service, hospital service  and other emergency services will be exempted.


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