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In a shocking incident, the residence of Solomon Kashung, Ex-Commandant of SSB, was robbed by armed dacoits at 1:30 am on Saturday at Ahomgaon Guwahati.

The incident happened at around 1:30 am when a gang of 10 members armed with knives and pistol broke into the house after putting off the main lights.

k solomon house robbed

“I was still awake when I heard some sound. Thinking it was my ailing mother, I opened the door. To my horror, I saw a group of robbers. But before I could scream, I was grabbed and my mouth was covered”, said Lily, wife of Solomon.  Kashung Solomon was also awakened by the noise, he too was, however, manhandled by the dacoits. The dacoits also captured the ailing mother of K Solomon and his sister-in-law.

K solomon house robbed

The dacoits then tore the traditional Tangkhul shawls to tie them up. Their hands and legs were tied and they were also blindfolded while the robbers searched the entire house for money and other valuables. It was reported that the dacoits continued the search till 3:30 am. The gang robbed Rs 1.5 lakhs in cash, gold jewelry worth around Rs 2 lacs, LCD Tv, smartphones and fled away with the owner’s i-10 Car. They also forcefully took 3 ATM cards after getting hold of the ATM card pins at knifepoint.

As the dawn breaks, the family called the neighbors and relatives and a police complaint was lodged. The media and Gorchuk police reached the spot in the early morning to get hold of the reports.

k solomon house robbed

The police DiG, SP and many officials came forward in the evening and promise the family for swift action to find out and arrest the culprits.

According to the information received from the neighborhood, this is not the first time such an incident had happened in the locality. Cases of breaking in and burglary have been reported earlier but so far the police haven’t been able to make any headway in finding out and arresting the culprits.

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